A frame for the Persian rug

Apartment signed by Talita Nogueira gains neutral bases to highlight the family piece

A Persian rug was the starting point of the architect Talita Nogueira when designing this apartment. With 110m², the space was thought of as a blank canvas, where objects would bring specific touches of color, and would be valued. “I made a point of thinking about the project from the Persian rug, which is part of the family’s history and has a special meaning. Nowadays, we look back at what really matters, and many things are no longer needed. What has meaning and emotional value remains,” says the architect.

As the rug – full of color and personality – served as a basis for the decorative objects. The remainder of the work gained a more minimalist and neutral character. All the loose furniture is Artefacto, with emphasis on the Lake dining table – with laurel wood top and metallic feet, Sin armchairs from the wine corner – with highlighted color – and the Maschio bed in Vichy plaid fabric supplied by Cozy Home exclusively for the project.

The kitchen turned out very ample, with multifunctional spaces that can be used in different ways. The architect used sensors in the cabinets to activate the furniture light, which facilitates handling even with wet hands.


One of the customer’s requests was for a bright apartment, with plenty of natural lighting and ventilation. This was possible thanks to the clear shutters, which allow sunlight to enter, and the integration of spaces proposed by the architect. To save energy and make the project more sustainable, the lighting is 100% LED. The decorative objects and sideboards gained a punctuated lighting, in order to be highlighted. In other spaces, Talita bet on direct lighting. “This way, the space is extremely comfortable at night”, she says.

In the living room, the highlight is the Persian rug, once it has lots of color on a neutral base.

In the kitchen, the highlight is the furniture that mixes with the countertop because they have the same color, like a monoblock without excess.

In the master suite, the wallpaper helps to give a more intimate look, highlighting the loose furniture, which has fabric chosen exclusively for the project.

The neutral base of gray and white put a focus on the colors green, coral, red and blue in the room, and floral and rosé in the master suite.

The highlight of the project is the prominence of colors on a neutral basis, in keeping with minimalism.

The contrast between a neutral minimalist base with colored objects makes this project unique, with a lot of personality.