All about painting in decoration

Important items for many types of decoration, tha paintings are democratic and show personality.

Through shapes, images, colors and textures, paintings fill in spaces and express emotions.

Used in both home decorations and corporate environments, restaurants or shops, paintings, besides being decorations, they can have meaning.

To better understand how to use paintings in different spaces, the best ways, compositions, and height to position them, follow the tips we’ve prepared below.


Painting sizes must be in accordance with the space where they will be placed.

In larger spaces, paintings can be admired from a certain distance, so they can have a larger dimension.

On the wall of the dining room, for example, ideally a place large painting that occupies a significant amount of space, filling in the room.

On the other hand, if the space chosen is a hallway or stairs, take into account that the paintings will be seen closely, the small models are ideal, allowing for a larger quantity.


The position, alignment, and height of the frames come with hesitation, after all. these choices result in a composition that is also responsible for passing a message in the room.

Classical compositions may work best for some rooms, while others call for more modern and bold compositions, so it’s important to use sensitivity at this time.

The way you will arrange your paintings on a wall, on a shelf or on furniture should come from a personal creation, conveying the message you want to pass on.


The most classic way to position a painting is on the wall, in this case it is important to follow an average height of 1.60m, so that they are not far below or far above the view of those who observe them.

However, there are a number of possibilities to position the paintings, either on a piece of furniture, a shelf or even on the floor.

In this case, you need to rely, once again, on the sensitivity to compose with a painting an image that is comfortable to the observers.


If you need to position a set of paintings in the same space, the best way to harmonize them is by aligning their top parts, when positioned on the wall, or from the bottom when supported by furniture or shelf.

Paintings on the wall of stairs are more harmonic when they follow the gaze of those climbing up or down the stairs according to the height of the step risers.


Placing several paintings on the same wall is a widely used way in various styles of decoration. However, the way in which they will compose a unique design should be taken into account in order to achieve harmony.

An interesting way to visualize beforehand the final product of a composition is cutting sheets of kraft paper to the sizes of the paintings to be hung and place them with duct tape on the wall.

When creating, don’t be afraid, be audacious, look for references, create various forms of composition, and observe closely and far to understand what the result will be.

About furniture or shelves

You can get out of the obvious by opting for, rather than putting frames on the walls, put paintings on furniture or shelves. This way, the paintings are in an unusual place, making the decoration more modern.

If you are going to position a painting over a sofa or bed headboard, be sure to respect a height limit as not to compromise comfort when using these pieces of furniture.


The frames of your paintings should match the decoration style of the space, after all, each style asks for a different type of frame that matches the rest of the items.

Large frames with lots of ornaments go with classic environments, while in minimalist environments the ideal is to opt for straight lines with few details.

How to pin paintings to the wall

In order to pin the paintings to the wall, there are some options, the most common and safe is to put screws with anchors, for this you need to rely on a drill and take all necessary care not to drill a wall that may have wiring or pipes.

If the painting is lightweight, you can avoid the holes in the walls using a double-sided tape, they are very efficient and can be your friend in this situation.

Painting styles styles for each room

Each part of the house requires a different type of painting. As has been said before, larger paintings should be used in large spaces, while small paintings should be restricted to smaller spaces.

In the bedrooms, you can choose to place a single frame over bed headboard or make a composition with several frames on an open wall.

Children’s bedrooms ask for delicate paintings that can be placed on niches.

Even in the kitchen and bathrooms, you can use paintings as part of the decor, using more colors and leaving the spaces lighter and simpler.


Paintings are elements capable of attracting the glaze and complementing any decoration.

With the item, any environment becomes more cheerful and unique to the homeowner.

If you’re looking for a way to complement your decor, paintings can be a great choice, use the tips you’ve learned to renew your decor.