Cushion: the item that cannot be left out in decoration

Indispensable items in the decoration of the living room or bedroom, the cushions are excellent to make the space more comfortable and cozy and also add colors, textures and shapes to the environment.

Whether there are many, few, large or small, cushions can make a difference in their decor giving life to the space and showing the personality of homeowners.

For a better understanding of how to use cushions in the decoration, we have prepared some tips that will help you – from choosing the cushions, to how to position them and some tricks to renew the decoration.


A good way to choose the cushions for your decor is from the colors.

In order to do this, identify the colors in the space and look for cushion models that match with the rest of the room values.

You can choose similar, complementary, or opposite colors, all according to your space’s color palette.

To define the colors of your decor, you can be inspired by other decoration projects, the colors of nature, a movie, including others, but the important thing is to think about the colors of every detail.


One of the ways to choose the cushions of your decoration is from the prints, it is possible to make a mix with more than one type of print, making your decor very stylish.

The prints say a lot about the decor and can reinforce the details of the style you want to achieve.

For example, using floral prints for a more feminine decor or geometric print for a minimalist environment.


Another interesting way to vary in the choice of cushions is to choose a diverse range the textures.

Look for more full-bodied, cinnamoned fabrics with hair, etc. This way the look looks even more beautiful.

Betting on varied textures is also a great outlet for those who have a monochrome environment, so you add different layers to the décor even while maintaining the same color.

Sizes and shapes

When it comes to the sizes and shapes of the cushions, the key word is “vary”.

Choosing various shapes and creating a “stair” effect for all to appear is an excellent way to decorate your bed or sofa.

But it is important to look at the proportions, avoiding the use of very small cushions on large furniture or vice versa.

Ways of organizing

The way you arrange the cushions on the sofa, armchair or bed can make a big difference in the final result of the decoration.

Ideally, place the cushionsvertically, one in front of the other, by size, so that the larger ones should stay behind and the smallest ones forward.

In the bedroom or living room, you can also distribute cushions on chairs, bean bags, armchairs, benches, or any place that can hold them.

The Golden Tip

The best way to vary the colors, textures and prints of your cushions and periodically change your decor is by opting for removable covers.

This way you can diversify your options and still saves storage space, because the cushion insert will always be the same.

In addition, by opting for removable covers you make it easier when sanitizing, since you do not need to wash the entire cushion, but only the cover.


Cushions are essential for decoration, besides being an item that can be exchanged without spending a lot and changes the decor instantly.

Take advantage of the tips you just learned to renew your decor, making your sofa or bed cozier and more attractive.

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