Baby bedroom: how to organize the space of the new family member

In every woman’s life, pregnancy is a magical moment and affects everything around them, people and spaces.

Without a doubt, this is also a time of great rush, so plan your baby’s bedroom in advance.

First, try to contain the anxiety and think a lot about what the bedroom will look like before you buy your furniture.

Take all measurements of the room, the walls of the windows and built-in cabinets (if any) and the door.

The planning and preparation of the baby’s bedroom are part of the process of being pregnant and the decoration will be remembered by you and your family for the rest of your life, so it should be very well done.

All the charm of this moment extends to after birth, when the house receives a new life to renew everything around it.

The baby bedroom has some basic mandatory items: baby crib, armchair, dresser, wardrobe and curtains.

This week, you will learn how to decorate the baby’s bedroom with harmony, always thinking about the optimization and functionality of the space.

How to choose the colors of the baby bedroom?

Depending on your choice of room colors and shades, it can cause the baby to become restless, irritated or affect the quality of their sleep.

To stimulate and awaken your baby’s creativity, a great option is a chromatic variety, which you can blend into neutral tones.

Do not overdo excess color information so as not to saturate the space and make you and your child tired.

The choice of colors should seek balance, in addition to stimulating and making the space clearer and more cheerful.

Another option to break the monotony with the use of colors, is to use accessories and colorful decoration pieces.

To balance the amount of light and not irritate the child’s vision, use curtains to create a calm and cozy space through the colors of the room.

Baby crib: safety and functionality in the bedroom

For baby room decoration, functionality and safety are key points.

When choosing the crib, choose the best material and reliable brands, make sure that the bars or slats are the ideal size to protect your baby and that they will accompany their growth, as it will soon begin to interact with the crib, holding and leaning on the edges and grilles.

The crib should have stability, after all, you want the newest resident of the house to have a quiet, light, and safe sleep.

Try to invest in adaptable furniture, for example, cribs that turn into children’s beds or lockers that can also be used in other phases of the child’s life. This, in addition to bringing functionality to the bedroom, also ensures a good savings for parents

Another practical and essential item in the room is a comfortable breastfeeding armchair for the mother and baby.

Toys and stuffed animals

The baby bedroom is usually decorated with various toys and stuffed animals.

There are endless models and brands of baby toys, but be sure to opt for the antiallergic ones, suitable for a newborn child and trusted brands.

The stuffed animals give a childish touch to the room and are comfortable and safe companions for the babies, but accumulate dust, so it is essential that cleaning is done frequently.

In addition to cleaning toys and stuffed animals, it is necessary to wash frequently the rugs, cushions and curtains that are part of the decoration.

Currently, the trend of decoration in baby bedrooms is the minimalist simplicity of Scandinavian style.

This style of decoration has as its main proposal to create a composition with few pieces of furniture and punctual decorative objects.

The colors in the Scandinavian décor compose light palettes that bring a sense of lightness and tranquility to the room.

The great trend for baby bedrooms today is to adapt the space so that it contributes to the child’s development, giving autonomy and freedom to the baby from the first steps.

What did you think of our tips?

I’m sure they will help you a lot to create a comfortable, beautiful, and receptive space for the new family member.

And if you’re a first-time mom, talk and exchange experiences with other moms.

For sure, they will be able to help you in many ways, giving tips and telling the situations that lived with their babies.