Gourmet space to enjoy the sunny days

The gourmet area is a space for gastronomy, where people gather in special moments.

When renovating this type of place, which is usually accompanied by barbecue, pizza oven and refrigerator or minibar, an item that asks a lot of attention is the choice of the material of the countertops.



Choose furniture that can be used in various ways. In an outdoor space, wooden and glass furniture, with natural fibers, are great in the décor.

You can use beanbags, which fit in any corner and even in the center and are comfortable items.

Seats can also be used as side support.



Prioritize circulation and leave free passages in your gourmet space, so your guests don’t get in the way of objects halfway through.

In addition, having a countertop is essential for your gourmet space, both to enlarge the dining area in a barbecue and to wash the dishes.

A gourmet space to enjoy the sunny days should be functional.

Perfect day and night lighting


Although the space brings good natural lighting, it is necessary to think of points of shade and half shade for the days of greater heat.

Due to the possibility of evening meetings, such as parties and dinners, it is necessary to set up a lighting system in its gourmet space that makes the night this space is as pleasant as during the day.

The project should be planned and allow maximum comfort.

If it is to your liking, a sound system and TV can also be integrated into this space, even to watch favorite family shows.



Because they are easy to clean materials, materials such as porcelain or ceramic flooring make it easy to maintain the site.

It is also indicated the use of wood in the furniture to bring more warmth and approximation with nature.

You can also merge hydraulic tiles with demolition woods and even glass, making the space personalized.



To bring even more charm to your gourmet space, use plants in the décor.

You can make a composition of vases at different heights and diverse species.

Creating a vegetable garden is a great option that brings charm and combines well with the gourmet space, bringing a rustic and homely feel.

The vegetable garden is a beautiful element of landscape and decoration and, in addition, you can still grow your favorite spices and have them in the palm of your hands to use in your kitchen.



Put in your planning all the appliances of the space and the best possible layout, taking advantage of the space and the sockets of the place.

Essential items for your goumet space in the sun are: barbecue, refrigerator and sink.

If space is limited, you can replace the refrigerator with a minibar and large cabinets for smaller shelves.

Gourmet Space is the ideal space to gather friends and family, especially if the place is exposed to the sun.

Therefore, this space should be planned with affection and attention.