Shower Room: a special experience

Have you ever heard of the “Shower Rooms”? Before we explain what they are, let’s talk a little bit about their story. Personal hygiene, as it is known today, was only established from the 19th century on. Since then, product development for this moment has grown rapidly. In Brazil, the abundant supply of water made the ritual a time of great relaxation and revitalization. The feeling of coming home and being able to take a long and delicious shower is indescribable.

But the water crisis and people’s sustainable awareness caused the bathrooms to gain a new look. And so, the shower rooms are born. Reserved for rest, relaxation, and self-care, the shower rooms should gain more and more space in residential projects. The idea is to spend more time in this space, which serves as a small spa at home.

And what is the difference between a traditional bathroom and a shower room? It is in the decorative and technological elements capable of ensuring the warmth that the resident seeks. Thanks to sophisticated coatings and modern equipment, numerous finishes possibilities and colors, the shower rooms are possible for almost all bathroom sizes.

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From bathrooms to shower rooms

The idea of the bathrooms is to make the person relax without the need to be in the shower. It is at this moment that furniture, such as comfortable armchairs, and elements such as low light and even ambient sound come in. Other possibilities are aromatherapy items, books and magazines for reading before bathing, support table for a refreshment or tea. It is as if, when you close the door, you could move somewhere else without staying in the shower for hours.

Today the market is prepared to offer products that meet the consumer and specifiers in different aspects. This goes for design, with more modern, colorful and cool pieces, or metals with straight lines and more sophisticated shapes, as in functionality and technology.

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For those who like to relax near nature, the option is to insert several plant pots or even a vertical garden in the shower room. Those who live in a house can design a large window overlooking the garden.

While the bathrooms have few elements, sufficient to meet basic needs, the shower rooms include furniture such as armchairs and sofas, curtains, and stereos and TV.

Shower and leisure rooms

Another functionality of the shower rooms is the use of leisure. It’s like a reissue of the refinement of ancient Rome, where these spaces were used to have fun with family and friends, and even to do business.

Today, there is hardly a high-end house without a SPA. They are modern, always inviting, and comfortable.

Here are some examples: