How to stand out as a designer in this period of crisis

The economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic affected many work segments. But this article is for you who want to stand out as a designer. Check it out.

The pandemic surprised humanity in 2020. The vast majority of people did not even think that a virus would cause all this damage, both in the matter of health, as in the economic and professional issue.

Quarantine in Brazil and elsewhere in the world has unfortunately led to an economic crisis unprecedented in human history.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) predicts that this will be the worst crisis since the Great Depression in the 1920s.

Succeeding in your area of expertise can help a lot in this time of uncertainty. Therefore, being a prominent designer during the crisis is the subject of today’s article.

Being creative will make all the difference

In an economically troubled period like this that we are living in, finding creative solutions is the way out not to be taken aback. Acting with an online designer is one of the alternatives that have attracted professionals of all ages and styles.

The segment of internet services has grown exponentially in the pandemic and has become stronger here in Brazil, due to the ease in being able to hire, talk, and make a payment without even leaving home.

A graphic designer who works as a freelancer works exactly as if he were linked to an agency, but with lower costs.

The same is the case with the interior designer. He can create ideas, research prices all at home and pass them on to the client without the additional costs of commuting or office rental, for example, in order to have an agency or office, you need a significant investment that also needs to cover bureaucratic backlogs such as taxes, licenses, and permits.

The work of the online designer is evolving and becoming an increasingly attractive option for professionals in this area, who stand out with the flexibility as the greatest advantage of working online, since you manage schedules, meetings with customers, projects, agenda.

The low cost is another differential. – up to the physical structure, with rental, furniture, machinery, etc. And it does not require absurd structures, because working online and individually, you will be able to work in a coworking (shared office) or at home, just have a computer and internet connection.

Tips for not being shaken by the crisis

We have selected some very practical suggestions so that you do not get shaken by the crisis and stand out more and more.

Say no to despair

The moment requires worry, yes, but to be desperate, no. In crises, competitiveness increases, so the key to stand out is to focus on what matters and make a difference in your area of expertise. Standing still waiting for the crisis to pass doesn’t help. Don’t be affected by pessimism.

Less is the new more

Reducing the expenses to increase profit, that’s what companies do in a crisis. Get out of the comfort zone and keep an eye on the results, do everything in the most cost-effective and fast way. Be resilient and have the ability to improvise.

Saving is the soul of business

Those who do not have a habit of saving money will feel affected on the professional side, and the problem only increases if the crisis diminishes customers and job opportunities. Review your finances and start saving your money, even a little bit at the beginning.

Invest in your career

Try to specialize and highlight your skills, be an expert in the area of design. Invest in your education, focus on qualification and improvement. Be committed at work and be careful with customers. Stop in time, professionally speaking, is not an option.

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