Dsenho: My Favorite Building

I was once asked what my favorite building in Curitiba was.

As an architecture and interior photographer, my admiration for buildings comes from aesthetics. But choosing a favorite building goes far beyond that.

As a graduate in civil engineering, I have always admired the ability of architecture and urbanism to make people’s lives better, directly and indirectly. Not only in the practical aspects but also visually.

In the economic field, buildings are a sign of the development of a city. And Curitiba has many and with a variety of styles.

Just over a hundred years after the first building built in the city, I believe that Curitiba has achieved tradition and maturity in its buildings. It is remarkable how some of the latest releases stand out for their contemporaneity, timelessness, and especially for their singularities.

They are unique buildings, in which the affection and attention to detail are noticeable. They escape the standards of the most traditional construction companies and were inserted in the city as a precise brushstroke in a work of art under construction, bringing refinement and sophistication to the region in which they are placed.

Some buildings are built to be the one that is the best. In my favorite building, the intention was much simpler: to create a space so that we can design the most sacred place that exists for each one of us; our houses, our homes.

Its horizontal façade, together with the balanced use of materials, gives the project timelessness and uniqueness.

On the ground floor, the abundant flowerbeds, round pillars, and the glass closure make the transition between the building and the ground light and fluid. The entrance hall also contributes, being a transition space between the street and the interior of the building.

In addition, the lobby is also a gallery of Brazilian design, with pieces by Lina Bo Bardi, Jader Almeida, José Zanine Caldas, Aristeu Pires, Flávio de Carvalho, Sérgio Rodrigues, Marcelo Caruso, Bernardo Figueiredo, Fernando Mendes and himself Leandro Garcia, architect responsible for the interior design.

The pieces were precisely arranged and are connected by the yellow organic design rug that occupies almost the entire space.

So, my favorite building is DSENHO. The younger brother of Nomaa Hotel, also incorporated by IDEE, the project came to life mature. And I believe that it will remain current and admired for the next hundred years.

The architectural project is from the award-winning Arquea Arquitetosoffice, formed by architects Bernardo Richter, Fernando Caldeira de Lacerda, and Pedro Amim Tavares.

Now imagine the size of my smile when Decor Influencer invited me to photograph it!