Tips to decorate large spaces

living room double height ceiling

A living room with lots of space and a high ceiling is anyone’s dream, isn’t it? But did you know that decorating a large space can be a big challenge?

Although a larger space allows the use of imposing and sophisticated elements, the risk of leaving empty spaces can be a problem for the decoration.

The living room is one of the most important spaces in a house, where the family gathers, friends are welcomed and all social life takes place.

Even in a large living room, it is possible to decorate the space in a way that makes it receptive and comfortable.

With that in mind, we have prepared some tips for those who want to make the most of a large living room, creating a decoration at the level of the space.

Make good use of the space

It is not because you have a large space that you need to overload it with excess furniture and decorative items.

Measure the space you have and choose the furniture based on it.

If the space is larger, it is expected that you will have to opt for large furniture.

Respect the circulation

Space with good circulation

In a large living room, you can create more than one living area, for example, a space for the TV room and another for a more formal living room.

It is important that you respect a certain limit, always leaving comfortable spaces for circulation.

Invest in the furniture

Open space living room

In a wide space, the furniture must be equally imposing, so, be careful when choosing the sofa, armchairs, side and center tables, always maintaining a standard of refinement.

Attention to lighting


The lighting of a space goes beyond the function of providing visibility in the place, it is also responsible for highlighting decor details.

Therefore, it is important to create different light sources, from a main one, capable of illuminating the entire space, to specific points using pendants and lamps that can create different atmospheres, depending on the moment.

Choose the colors well

colors in living

When decorating a small room, light colors are always welcome, as an artifice to create the sense of spaciousness.

In a large space, on the other hand, you can use dark colors, strong tones, and colorful palettes with no fear.

With that in mind, you can dare to use colors, from the paintings on the walls to the furniture, rugs, curtains, etc.

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Bet on decorative objects

In a large living room, you will have plenty of space to use decorative objects, from walls to table surfaces, sideboards, and other furniture.

For walls, you can bet on wallpaper with prints that complement your decoration style.

Paintings in the decoration are also very welcome, they occupy the free spaces on the walls and bring more life and personality to the house.

In addition, if you like a little green in the decoration, add plants, flowers, and elements that bring a little bit of nature into the home.

decor objects

When decorating a large space, you have a multitude of possibilities in your hands, so care must be taken in order not to exceed the limit.

Invest in large and imposing furniture, create spaces by separating them with your own furniture and respect the circulation. Take advantage of the wide space that does not impose so many rules and bet on colors, prints, and different ways to give personality to the space.