Eighty Seven Park integrates nature and people in a luxurious way.

Pritzker Prize winner, Renzo Piano, concluded earlier this year at Eighty Seven Park in Miami.

This is the Italian architect’s first residential building in the US. Known for his cultural works around the world, Piano proposed in Miami an architecture that creates the illusion of floating above the ocean and the park.


The idea was to integrate man and nature in an organic and fluid way.


The luxury diamond-shaped building is located at the northern end of Miami Beach, home to North Shore Open Space Park.

There are 70 units ranging between 140 and 700 square meters with deep balconies in balance that form large and rounded curves at both ends.

The interior design is signed by the Paris Office RDAI, known for its work for the company Hermès.

nature and luxury

The landscape project was under the responsibility of West 8 of Rotterdam. From the architect’s original sketch of simple lines rising above the trees, the design of the building and the outdoor spaces were considered as one. The linear private gardens and elliptical architecture are in silent dialogue; throwing off each other for a harmonious effect.

At the base of the tower, a dense landscaping gives the impression that the vegetation of the park extends around the building. With underground parking, the silver building is the only building amidst the vegetation. Green areas were prioritized throughout the project. And there is a full-time botanist to take care of the plants on the residential balconies, as well as in the two-acre private park and in a rotating botany exhibition in the lobby, which includes bonsai and orchids, depending on the season. Learn about other differentials of the enterprise:

  • 24-hour Concierge
  • Butler service,
  • Fugo Juice Bar,
  • Enoteca Wine Bar
  • Director of social lifestyle to plan activities such as movies in the park and classes for children.
Renzo Piano

The common areas follow the same standard, super luxurious and sophisticated. The lobby is wrapped around by glass, where the building appears to rise among the trees. It is where the reception, concierge and library are located – which has a carefully selected selection of books and magazines. The pool has incredible views of the sea and relaxing spaces with designer furniture and indoor areas. The gym includes health classes, private and group classes, and brand new equipment. The spa is a relaxation center, with a dry or steam sauna, and the opportunity to book a private treatment.

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