Minimalist or clean, do you know the difference between these styles?

When choosing the decor of the house, many people confuse the minimalist style with the clean style. In fact, there are many similarities between these two styles, but they are not one thing and have subtle differences. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

minimalist or Clean

Minimalist and clean style in decoration: similarities

Initially, we will highlight the similarities between clean and minimalist that is what makes many people confuse the two styles. Check them out:

Neutral and soft colors

Both the clean and minimalist style bet on simple, soft colors that draw little attention such as pink, white, black, gray, sand, ice, and pastel shades.

Straight and geometric lines


The furniture used in the decoration are few and have straight lines, a little like the industrial style. It is a feature that makes the environment look cleaner.

Geometric shapes are also used in prints and object shapes.

Natural lighting


Both clean and minimalist styles use lots of natural lighting. So, adhere to large, wide windows that favor the air and light intake. At the same time, this lighting contributes to give more amplitude to the space.



Furniture, appliances, upholstery, luminaires, and other items of the house have a modern, current, or futuristic aspect with an emphasis on functionality.

Ideal for small environments

Both styles are perfect for small residences and apartments because they avoid excess objects, focusing only on the essentials.

Minimalist style: a lifestyle

The minimalist style is more than a type of decoration. It is a lifestyle adopted not only indoors, but on the outdoors of the house as well. Here, less is more, and consuming multiple products is not the rule. Generally, this is the profile of those who choose this way of decorating.

The idea is to focus on strictly useful and functional objects. Therefore, we do not see many accessories or decorative items since they do not have a specific function other than embellish the environment.

The minimalist style avoids the excess of information, prioritizing the relationship between people, the fluidity of the environment, practicality, and simplicity without leaving comfort aside.

In fact, as you don’t invest so much in objects for the house, the tendency is to bet on pieces with more quality, durability, and that are comfortable as well.

Some people consider minimalism too cold and bland, but the truth is that it is an invitation to contemplate the simple, the beautiful, and instigates in the resident a closer look at himself. Because you don’t have much to appreciate on the outside, it is easier to look inside.

Clean style: easier to customize

minimalist and clean

The clean style has all the characteristics of the minimalist, however, for some people, it is more cozy and personal, and this perception is its differential.

The clean style includes accessories that do not have in the minimalist and so the space is more cheerful and pleasant. It is as if it were a more florid version of minimalism, with the inclusion of some objects in order to make the space more like the resident and more beautiful too.

That’s why we say that the clean style is more customizable because it allows the use of objects with the pure and simple function of decorating, without necessarily having a function. So it’s much easier to make it with the owner’s face.

All this without leaving aside comfort, modernity, light colors, amplitude, the appreciation of circulation, natural light, and the use of few objects indoors.

For better understanding, let’s look at an example. In a minimalist style, a living room is perfect with a TV, a table, a lamp, a rug, and a comfortable sofa.

Using that same setting, the clean style would perhaps include an armchair to make the space more inviting and harmonious, a few paintings on the wall, a plant on the corner, and some charming cushions.

In conclusion, the clean style is as if it were a more decorated version of the minimalist, taking into account the preferences of the resident for accessories and decorative objects.

Can you tell the difference? Despite many similarities, the minimalist style and clean have their differences and it is important to know this when choosing the one that will guide the decor of your home.