From the color palette to the finished apace: What steps do we have to go through when making decisions?

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A briefing with the client would be the first step, and it helps a lot to understand what expectations your client has regarding the project, and it is at this point that the professional has to get as much information and peculiarities possible to make a difference when designing.

And if you’re alone down this road, check out specialized decorating sites, seek inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram, they are great sources to start working out your decorating project.

Color theory is one of the first classes of the decoration and architecture curriculum, it teaches us the color palette and what steps we have to go through to get in the colors ideas for the project.

Knowing colors and your emotions deeply make all the difference, making your choices more assertive.

Warm colors

Warm colors

The warm tones come from the earthy tones, the base yellow, red, orange, predominate and its variety in the palette can lead you by a wooden path, full of depth and that warm up the environment, making it cozy and welcoming.

Cold Colors

cold colors

The cold tones come from the light tones, the base blue, green and violet. In general, they calm down, bringing lightness and tranquility to the environment.

Neutral Colors

Color palette

Neutral colors have the function of neutralizing, making the environment elegant, sophisticated. Composed of basically white, black, and shades of gray can also contain the intensity of colors and the possible light shades of the palette.

What does “FASHION” have to do with this?

In decoration nowadays, the rule is made to be broken and all paradigms also need to be deepened or discarded and rereading is a source of inspiration. But what does fashion have to do with it? EVERYTHING!!

It dictates the rules and the rest follows it.

Pantone releases the annual colors highlights, and these colors will be trending throughout the year. Fashion plays its role by incorporating and making the world of Decor reinvent itself every year.


So we have to always be aware of what the fashion world has to say because we can always update and recycle just by paying attention in this sector.

Styles and trends


In the color palette, we can seek the perfect inspiration for a particular style of decoration, and each style blends more with a certain color.

Traditional Classic Style


The traditional classic style already has its bases well established within the décor, the earthy tones, red, yellow, and orange make a great connection with this style, as well as gold and wood, always warming up the environment.

Contemporary Style


In this style, the combination of cold and warm colors, blue and green, the blush pink, and the peach tone bring the blended modernity to a rereading of the traditional. In the right way, this style is very sophisticated and elegant.

Modern Style


The modern predominates neutrality, light colors, the use of white, black, and gray. The use of iron, concrete, and natural materials also make all the difference in this style.

Minimalist style


Minimalism, as its name already says: Less is more!

The absence of strong colors is the main point of this style. With this strong trend, minimalism has its roots embedded in white and black, light tones from the entire palette can also be welcome bringing a warm touch, but without exaggeration.

Just as style, what is trend is also important, it can be temporary or momentary, can be linked to an eminent fad and quickly runs through the lines of the decoration.

Some trends can also last in décor, but generally speaking, they don’t last forever.

Briefing completed, the choice of colors and design at hand, it’s time to pick out furniture.


choose furniture

The choice of furniture is the most detailed part to the path of completion of a well-designed project. It is at this point that we define colors and textures for furniture, and fabrics for sofas, rugs, headboards, armchairs, and curtains.

In the market, we have many options with an incredible variety of styles, trends, and prices.

Therefore, the greatest dedication of a project is literally in this part.

The furniture is the enigmatic junction between the colors and styles of decoration. This is when we put most of our energy into the project. This is where magic happens.



And last but not least, lighting also has the power to direct our project and set bases and guidelines within it. It heats up an environment, brightens, cools, makes it cozy or uncomfortable, it walks side by side with colors, with an absolute power to transform.

Having a good lighting design is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Following these tips, it can’t go wrong!

So, shall we start?