Decor details to renovate the house in the new year

Are you looking for ways to renew your décor this new year, but still don’t know where to start?

With small interventions, you can give a new “face” to the decoration of different rooms of your home, check out below some impeccable tips.

Well made bed

Bed linen

One of the most important things about the décor of the rooms are the beds, the way they are made demonstrate a well-kept environment, so each of the steps of the tidiness process is essential for a well-made bed.

Cover the mattress and box

renovate the house

One of the common mistakes that people make when making the bed is to leave the box or mattress on display. This demonstrates a lack of care, but can be easily solved.

Invest in a skirt to cover the box and make sure that the first sheet to be placed on the bed, usually the fitted sheet, is a size big enough to cover the entire mattress.

Pillows and cushions


When organizing the pillows and cushions, arrange them in descending order positioning each of them diagonally, getting a better look.

To have varied cushions and save storage space, invest in different covers, allowing you to change the colors, prints and textures of your bed more easily.

Small furniture


Some items that you can add to your home and cause a significant difference in your décor are the bean bags, side tables, or a beautiful iconic chair.

Small furniture fills in empty spaces, adds colors and textures, and can still be used to store some objects, if they are a storage model.

By opting for a piece with bold design, even in pieces signed by famous designers, with little effort you can transform the décor of the space.

Colors on the walls


Changing the colors of some walls is an excellent way to renew the décor without major renovations and still lose the fear of using colors in the décor.

To save even more and connect with your home, you can paint the walls yourself.

Another option to add color to your décor is to invest in wallpaper. There are several prints, textures, and colors that can quickly transform the environment.

Shelves and niches

dark living room

A simple way of changing up the décor is to install shelves and niches to the walls. They can serve to place books, decorative objects, photographs, etc.

When choosing the models of shelves and niches, look for the ones that best match the rest of your furniture, so they will be integrated into the décor.


natural tones

Another efficient way to fill the walls, and still give personality to your décor, are the paintings.

Choose pieces that match the style of your décor and the best place to place them.



Adding a rug in the decoration of different rooms can be great for the aesthetics as well as for your comfort.

In the bedroom, ideally, position it under the bed with space on the sides and bed foot, and, already in the living room, the rug should be positioned under the sofas and armchairs, framing the space.

When choosing a rug, search for the material, texture, color, and print that matches the rest of the decor and your lifestyle. Remember that very thick or fuzzy rugs can be more difficult to clean, especially for those who have pets at home.

Did you like our tips on how to renew your décor for the new year?