From the lamp to the chandelier: how to bring light the decoration

Able to value architectural designs and offer more comfort and warmth, lighting is one of the most important points of a decoration. Invest in the right luminaire!

Both in design and technological concepts, the lighting of your home deserves special attention7.

To help you think about some key details on lighting and choose the best ways to employ them in your home, check out the following tips.

chandelier or luminaire

Natural Lighting

Doors, windows, skylights or any way to make natural light enter your home should be valued.

One of the best ways to brighten rooms and save energy during the day is to make the most of natural lighting.

In addition to being good for our health, letting sunlight into your home is also good for the environment.

Study the needs

Before you think about acquiring chandeliers, pendants, fixtures and any other lighting element, you need to make a plan about the necessities of your home.

Both the space and the routine of the residents must be taken into account in order to carry out a lighting project that meets all the needs of the home.

Main light

Also known as direct light, the main light is the one that illuminates the entire space, therefore it needs to be proportional to the size of the room.

It is important that this type of light offers uniform lighting throughout the environment, therefore, for a large space, you need to have a proportionally large main light.

Secondary light

Secondary light is also called indirect light and, unlike the main light, it aims to offer diffuse and exact lighting.

Indirect light is more connected to lighting that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, allowing the use of luminaires, pendants, or lamps.

Light bulb choice

The first thing you need to know about light bulbs is that there is a technology called LED, that offers durability and sustainability that can be installed in the form of light bulb, strips and other formats.

The second question in relation to light bulbs is the shade that can be white, yellow or neutral, and makes all the difference in the final result.

The yellow light bulbs are recommended for environments where it is necessary to have warmth and visual comfort, such as living room and bedroom.

White lighting, on the other hand, should be used in environments where focus is essential, such as in the office or kitchen.



Ideal to be used as the main light, the chandelier can be of different forms, from the most classic to the most modern.

Chandelier lighting

The chandelier is also a great option to be placed on the dining table, creating specific lighting for that location.

Floor lamp

This piece is an excellent way to create secondary lighting in an environment, leaving the light diffused and creating a cozier environment.


 Table lamp

bedside lamp

Being used from the living room to the bedroom or office, the bedside lamp is a more modern version of the lamp, providing diffuse and comfortable lighting.


A classic bedside tables, the lamp is an elegant and functional item that never goes out of style, resisting generations worth of trends.



Pendant Luminaire

Pendant luminaire

The pendants are successful in architectural projects and it is difficult to imagine a kitchen isle without pendants to illuminate it.

Being also used over the dining table for a more comfortable lighting for that space, pendants have different shapes and can be simpler, emphasizing the shapes of the light bulbs.

LED Strip

LEDs or chandelier

It is possible to create a more modern and sophisticated lighting using LED strips in furniture or plaster cutouts or wherever else creativity takes you.

The luminous effect created by the LED strips make the decor modern and offers an infinite amount of options for your home.