From walls to plant vases, how to add green to the decoration

The meaning of green

Green is a tone composed of blue and yellow, for this reason it has aspects of both colors.

Blue is a color that brings freshness and relaxation, while yellow reflects concentration and inspiration.

Sensations associated with green color

Popularly green has some meanings such as: balance, nature, healing, hope and health.

The color that represents nature, green refers to life and growth. In this way the green makes us feel relaxed and renewed.

How to use green in decoration

The green in the decor creates a modern atmosphere and brings a more urban look to the space when combined with white or black.

The lighter the shade of green you use, the younger your room will look.

If you are planning an infant or baby bedroom, or just prefer lighter colors, use in lime green, apple green or mint.

These shades harmonize perfectly in workshops, studios, study rooms, and even playrooms.

Darker shades of green mean stability, healing, and success.

Using shades such as moss green or olive green, can provide a lot of elegance to the environment.

To not get monotonous, you can add to the composition warm colors such as: red, yellow, pink or orange.

The color of nature

Because it is the color of nature, the green in the decor goes very well with rustic styles.

Currently, using plants in home decor has become a must.

Plants bring lightness, tranquility, and connection with nature to your home and are the best and most original way to add green to the composition of your decor.

Every corner of your home can provide necessary conditions so that some different type of plant can adapt, grow and beautify.

If you like this style, it is interesting to merge the use of green with elements such as fibers, bricks, and wood pieces.

Plants are living beings, need care, and have specific needs, both to keep your plants healthy and to compose your decor, it is important to know a little more about them.

Why use plants in decoration?

1. Purify the environment of your home

As they are natural filters, plants purify the air, promoting health and well-being for you in your time at home.

Substances such as ammonia and benzene are examples of pollutants that plants such as boa constrictor, st. George’s sword and peace lily can absorb from the air.

2. Add Texture, contrast and home life

There is nothing better than a vase with a beautiful plant to contrast with sobriety and add life to the decor.

3. Connection with Nature

In the midst of the routine and chaotic and troubled life of large urban centers, plants bring us tranquility and reconnection with nature.

The ideal plant type for you

We have listed for you some easy-to-care plants, for you to bring green to your decoration: Succulents, St. George’s Sword, Violets, Fern, Cactus, Dragon-Tail plant, Peace Lily, Chinese Money Plant, Aloe vera.

Whether in the bedroom, in the living room, or even in the office, the decor using green came to stay.

Spaces decorated in shades of green, bring the feeling of freshness and nature.

You can increase that feeling, purify the air of your home and reconnect with nature by decorating with the green of the plants.

Try combining different shades of green with other elements such as cushions, furniture, objects, and wall colors.