Find out one of the most important items in the bedroom decor

The bedroom is the most important and intimate room in your home. It is your rest space after a long day of work and family care.

There are several styles of decoration available on the market and each conveys a message and something about your personality. But regardless of the style you choose to decorate your bedroom, there is one element that can not be missed: a beautiful headboard.

Why use a headboard on your bed?

The bed is the main piece in the decoration of a bedroom, besides being the place that should offer more comfort in the house.

In addition to betting on ways to arrange your bed with sheets, blankets, pillows, and other elements, you can bet on a beautiful headboard.

Your bed can become much more comfortable and elegant with the use of a headboard.

They make your resting space warmer on winter days and protect your bed and bedroom wall from dirt and dust that can disturb your breathing at bedtime, and protect you from wall knocks at night.

There are several types, models, colors, textures, seams, sizes and bedside materials available on the market.

Elegant and comfortable, the headboards can match with the storage bench by the bed, bringing style and a practical place to sit or put on.

In addition to the stitching, the prints look beautiful on upholstered headboards, and paying attention to colors can transform the bed into the main star of the bedroom’s decor.

If custom-made, you can create headboards with custom shapes and full of style.

Some bedside models come up with built-in side tables, so you can have a lamp, a book, or charge your phone at night.

You can vary your headboard in size and design according to the model of your bed and your creativity.

Wooden headboards

The wooden headboard is a more traditional and popular option in bed decoration, and can be found in the MDF, MDP or solid wood options.

This option brings to the space a more rustic air and goes well with other wooden furniture.

Functional headboards

A great choice both for comfort and aesthetics, as well as for its functionality and ease at the time of cleaning, is the headboard on an upholstered plate.

This piece of furniture is perfect for making your bedroom sophisticated and is a great backrest.

Practical when installing or removing, a plate is a good choice for those seeking practicality.

Choose fabrics that harmonize with your bedroom’s decor and bedding set.

Upholstered plates are available on the market in various models and seams.

Upholstered headboards

Modern bedroom in white color with yellow accents

The bedroom is the most intimate place of the house and where we want to find comfort and feel welcomed, so it is essential that its decor is beautiful and cozy.

Upholstered headboards are elegant, sophisticated options that make any room more comfortable and imposing.

You can choose colors that best fit your taste and that value and match the rest of the space.

The upholstered headboards offer more comfort for those who enjoy a good reading before bed.

Tufted headboards

The tufted headboard is a very popular option of upholstered headboards. The tufted seam is of English origin and has points formed by buttons, which form classic and elegant geometric shapes in the upholstery.

This style that never goes out of fashion, goes well with all types of decoration, even in a contemporary or rustic environment, for this reason, the tufted finish has been gaining every day space in the decoration of environments.

Suede Headboard

Another very popular fabric for headboards is suede. It is a type of fabric that resembles chamois and has a unique softness and high resistance to friction, damage, and stains.

This polyester fabric, synthetic material, is the ideal decoration for those looking for a comfortable and cozy headboard.

Suede is the best option for those who have pets, especially for cat owners who suffer a lot with the scratches of these little animals.

The elegance of linen

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in history, but it never goes out of style.

The fabric has the ability to absorb liquids and dry very fast and great thermal properties.

In the production of linen fiber, there is no toxic waste, which makes linen an ecological and sustainable option.

Its beauty, high durability, permeability, resistance and ecological sustainability make linen an advantageous and popular option.

Linen is able to preserve its features and appearance after years of use and maintain its original color after many washes.

Why not make the bedroom with your face and invest in a headboard?

Use your creativity and inspiration to choose the best headboard for your bed.

Ideally, the headboard is the same width as your bed: single, double, queen or king.