Functionality never goes out of style and you need it more than ever

A beautiful decoration is not enough to be beautiful if it does not bring some functionality to the space.

It is with that in mind that we have brought some concepts of decoration of this trend for you to be inspired by functional décor.

Using the décor in a functional way is to take advantage of each space of your home in a smart way, extracting the functional potential of the décor.

To think of a functional decoration is to use the full potential of the place, focusing on comfort, access and circulation, besides being a perfect choice for both large rooms and smaller spaces.

We have set up some points of attention when planning your functional decoration:

Comfort: the rooms of the house should bring all the comfort and warmth you need, always paying attention to your taste, of course;

Usability: rooms should be easy to use and propose practical solutions for your routine;

Practicality: decoration should be considered for aesthetics and beauty but it must be objective;

Accessibility: a functional decoration must have easy access and circulation;

Safety: functional spaces must not have obstacles, unprotected corners or undue installations that compromise safety;

Functionality is a priority when planning the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most used and most circulating rooms in the house.

It is the space where we prepare and perform our meals, besides being a great space to receive the visits.

Therefore, it is essential to decorate your kitchen thinking about practicality and functionality.

The choice of furniture and the style of the decoration should aim at these characteristics, in addition to taking into account easy-to-clean pieces.

Integrated kitchens are very popular when it comes to space saving, style and functionality.

You can use countertops to create a sophisticated space that allows more conviviality in the house.

In addition to delimiting and dividing spaces, the countertops are pieces of decoration that serve to store utensils and tablecloths.

If your kitchen is small, a good option is to use furniture that can perform more than one function.

Storage sofa

There are many models of storage sofas that, in addition to storing your things, are extremely elegant and comfortable.

Sofas have more functions than serve as simple seats, can split integrated spaces or compose the corner of a living room, for example.

It’s a great choice for the TV room.

Bookshelves and shelves

One way to organize your things and make any room more beautiful and organized is the use of bookshelves.

Bookshelves can be used to store books and even display photographs, paintings, vases and plants, and are a great option for delimiting or dividing spaces.

Rugs and curtains as thermal and acoustic insulation

Rugs and curtains always bring to any space a sense of visual comfort, welcome and privacy.

Widely used in entertainment and social facilities, rugs are essential parts for workspaces such as an office or home office.

Good thermal and acoustic insulation provides much more comfort and productivity at work or in studies.

It is not only the choice of windows that influence the soundproofing and thermal of the house, but you can take into account the type of floor, doors and of course, rugs and curtains of good quality that help to bar sounds and noises from outside or inside the house, and, of course, handle excessive clarity in the room.

Storage bed

How about bringing space, functionality and convenience savings to your bedroom?

Have you ever seen a storage bed? In addition to finding cozy and varied models, they are a solution to lack of cabinets.

This type of bed has a spacious compartment under the mattress that you can use to store your bed linen, shoes and even your winter clothes.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our functional furniture tips for small and large spaces.

Functional decoration serves to optimize the space and bring practicality to your life, in addition to integrating the spaces of your home with harmony and style.

Enjoy every space and corner of your home and use functional furniture.

And remember to base your décor on the style already existing in the house.