Mirrors for all tastes and styles

The use of mirrors in decoration brings modernity and breadth to the environment, besides valuing the pieces around it and where its reflection reaches.

Framed or unframed, round, rectangular, or mosaic, from the most traditional to the most modern.

Mirrors are a charm that cannot be left out of your decor.

In the decoration, mirrors demonstrate nobility and bring depth to the environment.

The choice of place where you plan to place a mirror will depend on its purpose and type of room.

Mirrors are excellent for giving the feeling of amplitude using the opposite walls, to enlarge the visual space.

Mirrors with beautiful frames, become a side attraction in your home and gain prominent place in any environment.


Advantages of mirrors in their decoration

Amplitude: a great advantage when inserting mirrors in the decoration, is the ability to bring amplitude to any environment, providing a feeling that the rooms are larger, especially if placed in front of the entrance door.

Luminosity: another advantage in the use of decorative mirrors is the fact that these pieces lighten the environment, bringing more light to your home.

Maintenance: cleaning mirrors is easy,when you spray some product, first remove all dust and dust that is on the mirror with a dry cloth, then just apply a little glass cleaner on the cloth and normally clean the piece.

Decoration: There are very exquisite and sophisticated mirror models if your goal is to bring grandency to your decor.

The mirror can be used as a frame, reflecting the view of a window, or fill a wall.


Mirrors with frame

Framed mirrors become like paintings, true works of art, leaving the environment imposing and elegant.

They are very in the entrance hall, leaning against a wall, resting on the floor or in a beautiful composition of more photo frames mirrors to your liking.

Mirror models with more refined frames, in wood or iron, look great in forgotten corners of the house, or even in the corner of your room or closet.

Mirrors without frame

If you search for mirrors with a more modern and stripped-down look, the best option is the mirrors that do not require frames.

In smaller locations this model is ideal for bringing the feeling of breadth.

Mirror in rooms

Placing a mirror in the room is very popular for decorating the doors of closets and closets, and ideal for visually enlarging the room.

In addition to bringing amplitude, it is a piece that will provide you much more practicality in daily life, both to change and at the time of makeup and that final touch in the hair.

The ideal in this environment is to opt for a mirror that you can see your entire body, whether with or without frame.

However, pay attention to one detail: avoid mirrors facing the bed, they can generate some discomfort at bedtime.

If you own a dressing table, a romantic and intimate piece for your room is a mirror with a frame of dressing room lights, for you to dress up as a movie star.


Mirror in bathroom

Basic and indispensable parts in any bathroom, can be found in various models, shapes, sizes and styles for you to leave the bathroom with your face.

If your bathroom is large and has two sinks, use a larger mirror that covers the entire wall from the counter to the ceiling.

Another way to create a more romantic and intimate look is to use a frame with dressing room lights.

Mirrors in bathroom

Mirrors in the room

The use of mirrors in the living room, be it dining, living or TV room, makes the environment more elegant and visually larger.

You can position mirrors behind furniture such as siders, sofas or on the bottom of shelves, leaving the room more decorated.

Entire walls in mirrors are beautiful options for decorating the room.

Depending on the position of the mirror, it is possible to create an illusion that enlarges the size of the table and even multiplies the number of seats, enlarging the environment and giving the feeling that the room is larger than it really is.

environment with green armchairs

Composition of various mirrors

A great decorative option is to compose a mix of several mirrors.

Use your creativity freely, but thinking of a pattern, either in a single color in the frames or not repeating the mirror shapes.

The set of mirrors brings a very interesting effect balancing amplitude with the breaking or not of an image in its reflection.


Get inspired by mirrors in your décor

Mirrors are pieces easily found in decoration shops and glazing.

You can find all kinds of shape on the market – oval, square, round, frameless, rectangular – and find a thousand ways to use them in your décor.

The important thing is to consider two points: frame, when there is, and dimension.

And you, have you ever bet on the mirror as part of the decoration? Tell us in the comments.