Get ready for Christmas

Crafts and Christmas never go out of style: So some tips for decorating your home in 2020

2020 was definitely the most atypical year of all. It arrived full of promises and hope. However, it has barely begun and has already been interrupted by an unexpected pandemic that has frightened and injured many people. But in the midst of so many bad things, there is still a super special date that marks the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one, full of good energies and prosperity.

It’s Christmas. And, despite the distance still needed, the date cannot be forgotten. So, here are great tips to decorate your home in a different way and, why not, done with your own hands.

Christmas Christmas

Tree, garlands, ornaments, lights and lots of color.

These are the must-have items in a lovely Christmas decoration.

But how about getting a little creative and make something extraordinary?

We can use some dry tree branches to make a beautiful garland and put it at the front door.

Any material can turn a garland, bottle stoppers, clothing staples, and even buttons.

DIY sheets

Another alternative is to use E.V.A sheets, easily found in any craft store, to create colorful Christmas pillows. A very colorful and different decoration to make your home ready for Santa.

christmas pillows

But, if the part you like the most is assembling the Christmas Tree, here’s a super different tip: print photos of special moments and organize them in a tree-shaped way on wall.

This is a creative way to bring the Christmas spirit and stop “missing” have the most important people in your life.

A tip is to include in the photos or little note for the Christmas dinner guests. They will be surprised by the pictures and it may be the highlight of their celebration.

hanging cards on Christmas tree


And where did the lights go?

No, we didn’t forget them. After all, what would Christmas be without the good old blinker?

As the LED is on the rise, the tip is to buy several strips and put them inside bottles or flower pots and put them by your window, or balcony, letting them make a spectacle of their own.

woman putting ribbon in red gift box near lighted Christmas tree inside room

You can also paint the bottles, or decorate them with paper, contact paper, or aluminum.

They will reflect even more the flashing colors inside the container.

Since we are talking about lights, candles are another very beautiful way to decorate your home this Christmas.

Just grab a large glass and put the candle in. Or, turn a bowl upside down and use it as a support.

You can also use ribbons to decorate the glass, or wrap cinnamon sticks around the glass, which will bring a very striking smell to your decoration.


We also can’t help talking about supper, which, for a lot of people, is the best part of Christmas.

deer figurine beside plates

It’s time to put the diet aside and enjoy, letting the goal of losing weight for next year.

But a big supper can’t happen without a beautiful decoration to welcome you.

Remember the E.V.A. mentioned up there? Let’s get him back and create a backrest.

Food can also be decorative, such as making a snowman from marshmallows, or a fruit tree.

But if you don’t want to create too much, some Christmas ball decorations inside a fruit bowl make a very beautiful and colorful look to the dining table.

Christmas dolls


Kids are always the liveliest during the holidays.

The arrival of Santa Claus, the gifts, and all the Christmas magic make the little ones euphoric.

With that in mind, a good idea is to put sweets like candy, gum, confectionery, and even chocolate truffles, inside the Christmas balls. So it is possible to distract them and make your home even more beautiful and colorful.

sweets on christmas ball


Now, if you are one of those who can not run out of drink at your supper, here’s the golden tip: a sangria with lots of fruit and color.

Besides being a super refreshing and delicious drink, it will make your Christmas decoration even more colorful.

christmas sangria

And to make the drink, just choose several fruits of your preference, such as pineapple, kiwi, green apple, orange, grape, among many others, mix them with red or white wine, sugar, lemon or orange juice, and a liqueur of your choice. If you want to make a non-alcoholic sangria, just exchange the wine for grape juice.


Christmas gifts

Of course, we couldn’t help but talk about the main star of the party, the present!

And to decorate it, there’s no secret. Just choose a well colored paper, wrap your package well and apply a bow tie at the end.

Don’t forget to mark them, or add a card, because, with the amount of gifts, yours can get lost in the midst of others.

This is a great way to decorate your home and fill the Christmas Tree.



And last but not least, the flowers. They are part of the decoration of many houses daily and during a Christmas party as well.

Christmas tree

Poinsettia, also known as papagallo, or Christmas flower, is the most used flower at this time.

Its red coloration and long tips are a striking feature that refers to the holiday.

However, roses, begonias, calla lilies, and anturios are great choices for decoration and draw even more attention to the colors inside your home.

So, did you like the tips?

We hope that now you will be able to make your beautiful home to enjoy Christmas even more and renew your energies and hope for the arrival of a prosperous new year.

pet christmas

Ahhh! Don’t forget your pet! After all, he’s part of the family too!