Contemporary Style: how to create a modern décor full of personality

sophisticated house

The contemporary style emerged from the second half of the twentieth century with the proposal of combining simplicity and modernity.

The main characteristics of contemporary style are guided by functionality and modesty, but without setting aside sophistication and personality.

In this style of decoration, the use of well-defined geometric shapes and sharp straight lines in all elements, from furniture to windows, doors, and columns.

The contemporary style is market for flat and glossy surfaces, mainly by the use of technological materials such as lacquer wood, glass, and polished stone.

For flooring, it is common to use polished wood or porcelain, materials that further accentuate the mirror effect of the spaces, visually increasing them.

The use of colors

The colors of contemporary décor have a neutral background on the flooring, walls, and furniture. However, some things are highlighted with stronger colors, and textures are widely explored to create different visual effects.

colors in decoration

Bright colors such as yellow, magenta and green are used in some details and perfectly complement the neutral tones such as gray, white and cream, used at the base of this decoration.

Using the monochrome technique is another trend of contemporary style, sometimes with gray, others with beige or even white.

This technique consists of seeking as many elements as possible in the same color, creating a homogeneous space where textures are responsible for bringing volume, depth, and focus to details.

Adding some points of another color, such as the burnt pink used on the cushions and flowers will be something different that accentuates the personality of the decorator.

Sober prints

black and white themed living room

Prints are also a strong trend of contemporary style, to use them you need to create a neutral color base and then add them punctually on carpets, curtains, blankets and cushions.

Prints of geometric shapes, stripes as well as animal print are welcome to break the monotony of space in neutral colors.

Modern design

gray sectional couch beside brown wooden table

The contemporary style furniture is wide and low, taking the volume close to the floor and creating free walls.

The appreciation of design is a strong characteristic in contemporary style, combined with practicality dictate the tone of the houses that use this decoration.

The layout of the rooms in the contemporary style explore the most modern real estate plans, with integrated spaces in an open concept and the absence of walls between the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The open concept is still an excellent way to make the environment larger, with the absence of walls the feeling of amplitude is accentuated and makes the space seem wider.

This model applied to the social area of the house refers to the bohemian life of those who like to have family and friends over, thus facilitating the interaction between people, no matter what part of the house they are in.

The contemporary style allows the creation of bold designs that explore different trends, such as the use of isle kitchens, ideal for gathering friends.

Contemporary bathroom

white ceramic sink beside window

The bathroom in the contemporary style is marked by the use of straight lines, neutral colors, and very sharp textures.

The countertops are usually smooth and with few objects, referring to minimalism.

The main elements of the contemporary bathroom such as floors, windows, faucets, in addition, the accessories have as main feature the brightness that further highlights the environment.

Contemporary kitchen

The contemporary-style kitchen also explores technological and noble materials such as lacquer wood, glass, brushed steel and marble.

Straight lines make up the furniture that is as practical as it is functional, exploring all the available space.

The cabinets usually go up to the ceiling, isles and balconies are filled with doors and drawers to make the most of each space.

Open kitchen concept