Glass luminaires, you need to get to know this trend

Beautiful and elegant, the glass has the capacity to perform numerous functions in environments as distinct as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and of course, in lighting.

One of the most important parts when decorating your home is lighting.

The lighting and the way we distribute light in a space directly influences the decoration of each room, taking into account the need and function of each space.

You can use the light to accentuate a corner or highlight some point of the room and to do this, an excellent option is the use of luminaires.

There are several models of luminaires with certain functions, both for indoors and outdoors, and can bring elegance to your dining room or create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

In addition to the place where the luminaire will be placed and its function, it is important to pay close attention to the types of light bulbs that each luminaire uses.

The lighting can add and emphasize any decoration.

Luminaires are decorative items that reflect on people’s health, well-being, and productivity, in the proposed climate, scenery, and environment that you want to compose in your decor.

Advantages of choosing glass luminaires

Glass is a great material when we talk about lighting, both for its transparency and resistance to the action of time and high temperatures.

Glass luminaires are a trend that traverses styles, from the most traditional to modern and bold design items.

Pendant Luminaires

This type of luminaire is extremely versatile and directs light to a specific focus.

They are a great option for countertops and kitchen countertops.

Elegant glass chandeliers

To create an imposing look in your dining room and highlight the table and space, a great choice is a beautiful glass chandelier.

There are various formats and styles of suspended chandeliers, from classic to contemporary.

It is important to remember that in addition to being used as general lighting of the environment, it can only decorate the environment or complement the lighting.

This type of luminaire is widely used in open environments such as the entrance hall and dining room.

Bottle luminaires

The reuse of glass bottles is a sustainable decorative solution.

You can find models made of bottles on the market ranging from a laid back and industrial style to the most refined and elegant.


This model, which is placed on the ceiling, provides direct or indirect lighting, distributing light through its sides.

Plafons made of glass radiate light to the ceiling, indirectly reflecting light throughout the environment.


The sconces are luminaires that hang on the wall, projecting a diffuse light and indirect lighting.

Widely used both indoors, such as bathrooms and living rooms, as well as in outdoor areas, such as the entrance door of houses, gardens, balconies, and terraces.

Glass has been used for centuries by mankind, being one of the most versable and useful elements we know.

In decoration and architecture, luminaires are pieces that make all the difference.

The luminaires make the lighting of the place versatile and functional and are a great element in the decor.

How is your house lighting? Tell us if you already use luminaires or if you want to include this item in your decor.

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