Bookshelf: a classic full of style for your home

An indispensable piece to make any room well decorated and organized, you can find various styles and models of bookshelves available in the market.

In addition to giving a sense of organization to the space, bookshelves have various utilities, whether to store your books, display collections or photographs.

Bookshelves can be used in the children’s bedroom, the master bedroom, as space for you to perform and organize your home office, and even as a closet in the kitchen, organizing your utensils and appliances and leaving them exposed as part of the decor.

You can also use shelving to divide spaces up and be a substitute for partition walls.

Tips for you when decorating with bookshelves

A piece of advice when decorating your bookshelf is to avoid exaggeration and visual pollution and set up your decorating items in an organized and creative way.

Organizing your books

If you are going to use the bookcase for books only, you can decorate it with vases, miniatures, sculptures, and decorative objects that serve as creative sideboards for your books.

Use higher bookshelves to keep your books, in which case you should opt for a sturdy furniture that can hold a little more weight, plus it is important to organize your books in an aesthetically balanced way.

Don’t spare your imagination and decorate your reading corner with all your personality, it says a lot about you.

Versatility and practicality

A great option, if you are looking for practicality, are the multipurpose shelving, they are usually easy to assemble and are manufactured in lightweight and resistant materials such as wood, steel and other light metals.

For these qualities, multipurpose shelving can be used in any room including in the service area.

Dividing an integrated environment

Bookshelves are not only used to organize and decorate the environment, this piece of furniture can also be used to divide and demarcate integrated spaces, such as the hall and the living room, in a practical and modern way.

Using bookshelves to separate spaces is a perfect option for those looking to create an illuminated and ventilated environment.

Opt for open shelves decorated with lightweight items that help delimit and compose the space creatively and without making the environment visually heavy.

The shelves as partitions can replace folding screens, occupy empty spaces by the stairs, and take advantage of unused corners.

Creative ways to decorate with bookshelves

Of course a bookcase needs some decorative items, doesn’t it?

You can decorate your bookshelves with vases, travel pictures, family photos, or even artistic photos, and even decorate the furniture with frames.

Other objects that are beautiful displayed on a bookshelf are bottles, travel souvenirs and vinyls.

Organizing the bedroom

The best thing at the end of the day is to get home and find a cozy and organized bedroom waiting for you.

A great choice to help you in organizing and make your bedroom’s decor more personalized are the bookshelves and shelves, as well as the closets and wardrobes.

This practical and economical solution also serves for the small bedroom, as bookshelves help children learn how to organize their tasks, store their toys, books, and school supplies.

It is always good to teach them from early on the sense of organization.

Minimalist shelving

Minimalist bookshelves are part of a very popular style choice for decoration because they are practical, simple, and match any style.

To bring an air of lightness, elegance, and sophistication, this style uses straight lines that bring spaciousness to the room.

Shelves decorated in a minimalist way are a good solution for your home to have a more sophisticated look.

Choose objects of neutral colors and shapes to decorate this type of bookcase, such as candles and vases harmonizing with the shelf.

Bookcase for home office

Some bookcase models offer great space for you to do a home office or even to have a good place to read and study.

These bookshelves can be organizing pieces in a decorated and elegant way.

Distribute on your shelf the office supplies you use in your day-to-day life and the books you use the most.

Paintings on the bookshelf

Paintings were not made to be placed only on the walls, exposing this item creatively is an increasingly current trend and that brings the personality of the resident to the house.

Vases and plants

You can choose to bring more green to the furniture by addingplant vases that do well indoors on your living room bookshelf.

A more organic decoration adorns the environment creates a lighter room and with more purified air.

Bookshelves in the kitchen

To support and store utensils, mugs, and pans in your kitchen, nothing better than a beautiful bookshelf.

You can choose to leave your best dishes and cookbooks on display in the kitchen.

Use colors

Colors always bring any room in the house to life.

Decorate the bookcase of your living room with some colorful objects, or even opt for a bookcase of a different and attractive hue.

If the space is white, you can brighten the space by adding a bookcase in red, blue, or yellow.

In this case, it is important to look at the objects on the shelf in order not to exaggerate in colors, sizes, quantity, and variety of styles.

Decorative boxes

This item is perfect for organization and decoration, but pay attention not to overload the bookcase with the boxes you choose.

There are several models and styles of modern and beautiful boxes to compose their decor and expose books, vinyls, vases, and other objects.

Bookcase on the balcony

Using bookshelves and shelves in the outdoor areas and balconies are a trend and a great option to make the space more beautiful and inviting.

You can use hanging niches and shelves to place pots and plants, dispose of your gardening tools, and even create a mini-vegetable garden.

In addition to organizing the space and creating a more cozy atmosphere, you bring more plants and green to your home with a decoration of your taste.

Happy hour

If you like to welcome friends at home, a bookcase in the living room can bring practicality and organization at the time of a party.

Guests can use the living room bookshelf to arrange bowls, glasses, and bottles to serve visitors during a happy hour at home.

The choice of your bookcase should take into account the decor and colors, prints and textures of your home.

Bookshelves can be the attraction of the room, and it is important that you pay attention to every detail of your shelves.

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