How the use of technology can help in the comfort of the house

gold Apple iPhone smartphone held at the door

Most likely you’ve heard of the cleaning robots, haven’t you?

The item is well known among people, especially as it fulfills one of the domestic functions that can take a long time of our day: cleaning.

However, besides the robot being a trend, it is not the only technological item capable of optimizing your time and consequently helping you in the comfort of the house.

If you are looking for comfort and convenience, investing in smart technologies to optimize your home routine is a great solution.

As we know, technology is increasingly present in our daily life and, with this, innovations are gaining more and more prominence.

It is not from today that we had to open ourselves to the possibility of inserting technology into our homes, however, this only happened through household objects such as refrigerators and washing machines, for example.

Today it is possible to have access to various types of smart technology that fulfill the most diverse functions.

The term “smart house” has been widely mentioned.

But what would that be?

Well, the term refers to the use of electronic items capable of optimizing our time through the performance of various tasks and thus puts us increasingly connected to technology.

Check out in this article some examples of smart technology items.

How to use technology for the comfort of the home?

Undoubtedly, technological advances are increasingly present in our routine.

With this, we can also say that the use of smart technology has already become a reality in many homes.

But maybe you’re wondering what the use of technology has to do with the comfort of the house.

Well, thanks to technological advances, it was allowed that the market could provide a large number of devices that fulfill functions capable of making our daily life more practical and, with this, bring us a sense of comfort.

For example, with the help of our mobile phones, we can activate the functions on the devices.

Through them, it is possible that tasks such as lighting and temperature control, or safety functions of our home are performed and, of course, with all possible comfort.

Examples of products capable of promoting comfort at home

As stated earlier, all devices have the main goal of promoting comfort, allowing us to perform tasks with just one click.

Considering that using technologies that can make our routine more practical is a reality, check out below some examples of devices available on the market and what you can have in your home to optimize your time.

In the image below we can see the cleaning robot, an item that has been widely used by people at home.

Considering that cleaning can take a long time of our day, and not always our routine allows to separate a time for the cleaning of the house to be done, being able to count on a robot that fulfills exactly this function is essential.


Certainly the need to strengthen security systems is essential, don’t you agree?

In the image below, we can see one of the biggest advantages of having intelligent technology: the use of digital security.

Another way to use technology to our advantage is by using the cell phone to control the lights with a smartphone.

With this, we can say goodbye to conventional switches and, once again, have comfort at home.

electronic lock

All of this is part of a current technology called the Internet of Things (IoT).

It is estimated that in the coming years we will be so technologically integrated into our homes that we will live as the future was portrayed in old movies, controlling everything through a remote control, which in this case is our cell phones.

Technology serving the home: the assistants

Have you ever heard of the famous virtual assistants who solve everything for you with a voice command?

It is one of the most useful technologies that make life so much easier for those investing in it.

There are two direct competitors in the virtual assistant market: Amazon and its Alexa, and Google with its Google Home.

In this topic, we’ll talk a little bit about the role these assistants can offer and how to optimize their service.

First, it doesn’t take much other than a common plug and internet for the virtual assistant to work, however, to integrate it completely into your home, it takes one more element: the smart plug.

Known in the market by the name of smart plug, it is through it that your virtual assistants will connect with your home, being able to turn on lights at your command, turn on appliances and electronics and do almost everything for you!

Check out now some functions that virtual assistants can have to offer you all the comfort and practicality that your technology promises:

  • Play music to voice command: By connecting the virtual assistant to an account of some streaming service, you can through the voice command ask it to play a specific song or playlist. They have a clean sound and a good sound range in the house.
  • Alarm: you can also program by voice command, in a very simple way, an alarm clock. Just in most assistants, talk like you’re talking to someone, “Alexa, wake me up at 10:30 tomorrow,” and the alarm will be set.
  • Turn on lights and turn on other devices: With the same simple voice control, you can ask the assistant to turn on lights in a particular room or turn on a device, such as the TV.
  • Connectivity with other assistants: If your home or apartment is too big, you can have more than one assistant and they will be able to connect to each other.

Remember that most of these features will be available only to those who have their devices connected to smart plugs.

Use technology at the service of the house and at your service!

Technology has come to make our lives easier and nothing fairer than making use of it for our inner life, indoors.

But a warning is important, despite all the facilities that virtual assistants and other technological resources have, their interaction with the house and who lives in it is of great importance for maintaining harmony.

Don’t let technology take over 100% of your home.