How to make your entrance hall beautiful and functional

The entrance hall should be an attractive space in a property, after all, it is the first space in which people will have contact in the residence.

For this reason, the decoration should reflect the personality and style of the resident.

It is essential to harmonize the decorative style of your entrance hall with the decoration of the living room, creating an integration between the two spaces.

In addition to being the “business card” of the house, the entrance hall needs to be functional for you and your guests.

The entrance hall needs to offer comfort for arrivals and farewells and, at the same time, easy access and circulation.

Create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, harmonizing the space with the rest of the house and making your guests feel at ease in that first space.

Try to build a practical and functional space with furniture that helps you in your daily life such as a mirror, clothes rack, or sideboard.

Entrance hall sideboards

The most popular piece of furniture for entrance halls is the sideboard.

You can find different styles and models on the market, of course, taking into account the size of your space.

Sideboards are great for placing bags, mirrors, vases, and other decorative objects.

You can also use hangers or bean bags to make your guests feel even more welcome.

Mirrors at the entrance of the house

Mirrors are excellent objects for the entrance of a house.

Nothing like mirrors in front of the entrance door to create a sense of amplitude in the house.

Mirrors are good decorative pieces for both a small entrance hall, helping the space to get visually larger, and for a larger entrance hall space, providing sophistication and elegance for the decoration of the entrance.

Entrance hall lighting

A bright entrance hall can bring comfort and beauty to those entering the house.

The ideal is to illuminate the entrance hall, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

For smaller halls, illuminate the space with lighter lights, creating a feeling of amplitude in the environment.

The lighting for the small entrance hall should also blend in well with the colors chosen to help create the sense of a wider environment, the neutral colors are the most indicated in the case of the small entrance hall such as white, beige, gray, and pastel shades.

To give people a feeling of comfort as they enter your home, use soft yellow light bulbs and luminaires that convey the feeling of comfort.

Inspiring entrance halls

Classic entrance hall

This style is a very refined option for those who like a more sophisticated and conservative space.

The beautiful and imposing mirror with a frame is a side-piece attraction for those who arrive at your home.

The shiny black sideboard and the white roses vase say a lot about the resident.

Rustic entrance hall

Blending modern pieces with a more rustic style is a good choice to make your entrance hall elegant and balanced.

Among the highlights of the sconce-lit environment are the mirror, the rustic wood sideboard, and the imposing vase in the center.

Another example of a rustic and charming entrance hall has no mirror but has a cozy armchair and a clothes rack with a corner vase.

You can create amazing decorations with simple ideas.

Clean entrance hall

In addition to the mirrored wall, which provides depth to the entrance hall and amplitude for those entering the house, the space is still composed of pieces such as different decorative vases, picture frames, and a striking sideboard with incredible wood design.

Zen entrance hall

This elegant entrance hall with oriental influences brings in an elephant-shaped sconce lighting.

The wooden sideboard is simple and decorated only with a vase and scarfs holder.

The mirror has an imposing style, covering the wall above and below the sideboard.

It is essential to plan the decor of your entrance hall.

Create comfort for your visitors by showing through the decor your personality.

Get inspired and create an attractive and elegant entrance hall as well.