Bathrooms with wooden details that will conquer you

The bathroom is the most intimate room of the house, the ideal in this room is to provide comfort in a relaxing space and that you can have what you need for your self-care

The bathroom decor can emphasize the visual of the rest of the house and add another cozy space.

There are many possibilities to make the bathroom visually amazing: colorful rugs, cabinets, towel sets, and even flower pots that survive the humidity of the place.

Bathroom with wood and flooring

There are several options and shades of wood in the market.

The most suitable woods to use in the decoration of bathrooms and humid environments are: Cumaru, Ipe, Jatoba/Brazilian cherry, Itauba, Garapeira, and Teak, because they do not suffer density variation when gaining or losing moisture.

Wood flooring in bathrooms is a classic decor choice, but not very popular nowadays.

Don’t think that wood is a choice fully tied to a rustic style, it is possible to have a bathroom with a modern and current decor with wood flooring.

The wooden decoration can be used in bathrooms without problems even exposed to humidity.

Another option for bathrooms using wood is to compose the floor with floorboards to the best deck style.

The material gives a rustic touch to the room, making it much more pleasant.

Wood is a versatile material that can be used in several bathroom places, on the floor, countertop, decorative objects, and furniture.

Providing elegance and naturalness to the space, wood gains prominence in any bathroom and values the aesthetics.

Wood mix

For those who like environments and rustic decor, combining different types of woods makes the space more dynamic, sophisticated, and very comfortable.

Wooden floor

Contrary to what many think, wood is an excellent option for bathroom flooring.

However, some care is needed when choosing the ideal flooring.

Be attentive to the types of wood that can withstand humid environments.

Because of the humidity, wood should be used only on the outside of the box, since it is an area that has constant contact with water.

A different and contemporary style when decorating your bathroom is to use a wooden countertop.

You can use the most suitable wood that matches the rest of the decor to choose the ideal type of wood.

Adding wood in detail is an ideal option for decorating a clean and modern bathroom.

You can use wood flooring with stone floors to create a relaxing ofuro with a panoramic window if your bathroom is spacious.

Wood is the most traditional and ancient building material used by man, and can still be used in countless ways depending on your creativity.

Keep your mind open for the use of wood in your bathroom decor.

If you can’t or don’t want to use wood, you can use wood porcelain, wood-effect ceramics, and other imitations that give a sensational finish.