How to mix different colors and textures with Monica Garcia

When developing a space, it is easy to be enchanted with different possibilities and difficult to choose which ones fit best with the space to be designed. For this, the interior designer and decor influencer Monica Garcia gathered some tips to mix different colors and textures in a single space without causing visual discomfort. Get ready to write down the golden tips and feel ready to develop a much more harmonious space.

Check out Monica Garcia’s tips

Coziness first

The first secret revealed by Monica Garcia is to use the mixture of colors and textures to create a pleasant and cozy space. “If I want a more cozy space, I have to balance all the materials I am going to use so that this room does not get too cold”, explains the designer. In one of the spaces designed by her, Monica highlights the mix of wallpaper with marquetry effect, stainless steel, porcelain panel, and frosted glass. The coziness is also evidenced by a table made with demolition wood, for example. “When you mix the materials, you have to try to create the balance so that a dining room doesn’t look like a cold space, like a kitchen. It is important that there are materials that will provide warmth, a warmer feeling so that the space is pleasant ”, points out the decor influencer.

Be careful with colors

“When you are going to mix materials, you have to pay close attention to how you are going to add these colors,” explains Monica. In one of her works, she used five different materials, but with colors that talk to each other. “We have the stainless steel that is decorating the mirror very well. If I had put a clear mirror and a bold color instead of stainless steel, the space would have turned out very strange ”, he understands.

Don’t forget the balance

“The materials have to be balanced. If I put something very modern with a demolition piece, if they are not in harmony, it will be weird. The person will enter the space and say that the piece has nothing to do with its surroundings”, says Monica. She also points out the contrast between a rustic piece of demolition that is harmonized with a glass top and chromed steel foot to make it more contemporary.

Harmony can also be achieved by combining stainless steel or white porcelain, which has more modern characteristics, with wallpaper that follows a more conservative line. “When it comes to mixing the materials, you have to balance them so that the modern, the classic and the rustic are able to talk and be pleasant in the same space”, concludes the designer.

Focus on practicality

For Monica, it is important to think about some practical details when developing a project, such as paying attention to the materials you are going to combine. “If you put a marble floor together with wood, maintenance can be difficult since each material requires different care,” she explains. Another example is when you choose to place mirrored furniture, which requires more work to keep it clean. “You have to see exactly how a client’s routine and preferences are so that practicality is involved. This type of detail is important to evaluate when choosing the materials that will be used in your project ”, points out the decor influencer, who also mentions the care with the temperature inside the wine cellars so as not to fog the glass and to make it difficult to clean and pay attention to the glass-topped corners, especially at home with children.

The importance of dialogue

“I think it’s super important to make sure that the customer will like all the materials that will be used. There are clients who hate leather, who don’t like mirrors. Anyway, we have to make sure that the mix of materials will be beautiful, harmonious and, above all, please the customer in all aspects ”, concludes Monica.