Metallic in decoration: learn how to use this trend

Gold in decoration

Precious metals have always been the hallmark of luxury houses, from silver to gold, from copper to brass, everything that shines in the decor values the space and brings an idea of wealth and sophistication.

To open your mind in relation to the metallic in the decoration, we prepared this post with inspirations, combinations, and tips to encourage you to use this resource in your projects.

Everything transforms

Metals transformation

One of the main characteristics of metals is the capacity of this material has to transforms, in the hands of a good artisan, after melted, a sword can become a jewel.

Therefore, different types of metals can be worked and transformed into incredible pieces, from furniture to decorative objects.

A few years ago there was a great return of copper in decoration trends, but the real discovery recently was brass.

Brushed steel is also successful in decoration projects around the world and characterizes super modern and elegant homes.

Today, different materials, from ceramic objects to plastic objects, can be transformed into something brilliant and capable of faithfully interpreting metals such as gold, silver, steel, and bronze.

Now that you know the ability to create and recreate with metal, how about learning some ways to use it in your projects.

The reinvention ofBrass


Currently, one of the most trendy materials to furnish a modern house is brass, which has a great advantage over other simple metals: when polished, it resembles gold.

Opaque and refined material, it is very appreciated in the production of chandeliers, lanterns, and beds that, with their beautiful golden color, gain a modern aspect and no longer retro.

You can also use it elegantly on furniture, handles, and locks, for example.

But be careful not to overdo the brass elements, the material should be used sparingly to give the house an attractive elegance.

To highlight brass elements, you can choose walls with neutral colors and touches of sophistication such as velvet furniture, for example.

Steel beyond the kitchen

Kitchen with metallic

Steel is a recurring material in many luxury kitchen designs, but it can be used in many other spaces.

From windows to finishes, steel can be part of your living room and even outdoor areas, making up handrails, stairs, and even furniture.

The timelessness of copper

copper in the details

Versatile and resistant, copper is a material that is never out of style and is always present in furniture and sophisticated decoration objects.

In the smallest details, copper can appear in cushions, vases, watches, chandeliers, and several other elements to decorate the house with this precious material.

Whoever seeks to give the house a modern look, following the urban or industrial style, it is worth combining copper-colored objects with white or gray walls, taking advantage of the frequent use of concrete in the decoration of these styles.

For those looking to decorate a classic or rustic house with copper elements, the ideal colors for the walls will be beige and yellow.

RoseGold for amodern metallic


Recently, the rose gold color with the metallic effect has won over the heart of many and strongly entered the fashion market, party decorations, and even cell phones in that color have become commonplace.

In decoration, it arrived invading the kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, now it is almost impossible to think about metallic without including the rose gold in its options.