The 5 best water parks in the world

They are synonyms of fun and attract people of all ages. For this reason, water parks are often among the biggest tourist attractions in the world. With different structures and proposals, there are many options spread across different regions and countries. To help you choose, we have listed the top 5 water parks in the world. Check them out:

  1. Beach Park, in Fortaleza, Ceará

One of the top 5 of this list is in Brazil, but specifically on Porto das Dunas beach, 17km from Fortaleza, in Ceará. The Beach Park tourist complex is one of the most popular leisure options for travelers across the country. In fact, the park won the Traveler’s Choice 2020 label – a kind of Oscar in the travel segment, and the only award given based on reviews and opinions left on the site by travelers – being among the top 10 water parks in the world.

The Beach Park occupies more than 200 thousand m² and includes a water park, three resorts, a hotel, in addition to the Praia Restaurant and Vila Azul do Mar – living space and services – both open to the public.

2. Typhoon Lagoon, in Orlando, Florida, USA

The fifth best water park in the world is the Typhoon Lagoon, which is located at Disney World in Orlando. This is one of the most visited parks in the complex, receiving more than 2 million tourists every year.

Typhoon Lagoon has one of the largest wave pools in the world and even an aquatic roller coaster. There are a variety of attractions for those who travel alone or for those who take the whole family. In the park, tourists can still have the experience of swimming with sharks in the Shark Reef tank. You would have the courage for that?

3. Tropic Islands Resort, in Berlin, Germany


Did you know that the largest water park in the world is in Berlin, Germany? The Tropic Islands Resort is inside an old hangar, which allows for its internal heating. There, you can enjoy it as if it were summer, even if it is snowing outside.

The park covers an area of 16 acres and supports up to 6,000 visitors. For the children, there is a special area with many toys and attractions such as boats, miniature cars, among others. For the adults, the park offers options such as water slides, a modeled lagoon perfect for those who like to enjoy the sauna, restaurants, bars, the Olympic pools – which are always kept at a pleasant temperature – and even a tropical forest.

4. Wild Wadi Water Park, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It stands on the edge of the iconic Burj Al Arab and was inspired by the legend of friends Juha and Sinbad, characters from Arab mythology. One of the best water parks in the world, the Wild Wadi Water Park, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is full of radical and interesting attractions, for those who like excitement. But if you just want shade and fresh water, you won’t be disappointed either.

Among the local attractions, the highlight is the Master Blasters complex, the Jumeirah Sceirah, a 33m high free-fall slide; the Breaker’s Bay wave pool and the FlowRider, Wipeout, and Riptide surf simulators. The park also has an 18-meter waterfall, with waterfalls every ten minutes.

5. Siam Park, in Tenerife, Spain


O Siam Park, in Espanha, is in the Canary Islands. The park has Thai inspiration and is one of the most fun places on the island, especially if you are traveling with children. There are 15 attractions, in addition to the incredible beauty borrowed from Thai culture and the exuberant vegetation.

Among the main attractions are Datong Rapids, a journey of more than 235 meters of curves and jumps in the water and Coco Beach, an area for children of almost 7,500 square meters, designed to provide great adventures accompanied by parents, and the Tower of the Poder, a slide of pure adrenaline, 28 meters of almost vertical free fall that ends the descent under an aquarium of sharks and manta rays.