Personality in decoration: What is yours?

To talk about the decoration of a home without taking the personality of those who will live in the house into consideration is to create an environment that says nothing. Therefore, printing personality in your decoration project is essential.

Each person has a personality and therefore matches more with certain styles of decoration. To help with this search, we chose 4 personality traits and the equivalent styles of each.



The ideal decoration for an outgoing person can mix colors, styles and different elements in a single space.

This type of people, in addition to being open to step off of pre-established standards, also like to be creative and demonstrate a lot of themselves in their space.

The extroverted person usually has many friends and receives them at home, so the décor revolves around receptive spaces that communicate with each other, such as the open concept.



Like the personality of the shy person, the space one inhabits tends to be more restrained, without excesses of objects or colors.

The ideal style for this type of people follows a line of neutral colors and minimalist patterns, with the furniture which main goal is individual comfort.

The functionality is also usually part of the decoration of shy people homes, with each piece of furniture and object having a function in the space.



This type of person represents a mixture of styles that blends classical elements and antiques with vivid colors, typical of modernism.

The style of a bohemian person always surprises, so it is worth adding unusual elements to a space, such as different chair models on the same dining table.


Personality in decoration

Methodical people tend to repeat this profile in the décor, creating spaces rich in detail, but all perfectly in its proper place.

Each decorative element has a symmetrical axis and respects a meticulous organization.

The colors must meet an exact tone line and the fabrics must respect a composition.

As for the choice of furniture and objects, this profile tends to follow a more traditional line, without breaking many patterns.


Mixing psychology with décor may seem like a meaningless combination, but if you stop to think into it, emotions, habits and, most importantly, characteristics of people can be extremely connected to your choices.

Therefore, drawing a psychological profile of those who live in a house before coming up with a project for them is essential to ensure that the experiences lived there are satisfactory.