Tips for decorating a vacation rental property

Making great investments to decorate a house that only welcomes guests sporadically can be something out of the question at first glance, however, this is where you go to rest and deserve to receive attention.

The perfect decoration for a property of this type should balance functionality and design, giving the necessary comfort for your rest days.

To help you on this mission of decorating a holiday property, be it on the beach, in the snow or on the mountain, we gathered some tips.

Choose the ideal style

Vacation rentals

There are many decorating styles in which you can be inspired for your vacation home, the important thing is to choose one for your project and not change your mind halfway through the project.

After choosing the ideal decoration style for your vacation property, be sure to keep it in every room of the house.

You can use a bolder style in a holiday property, including a beach or country themes.

Ideally, when you arrive at the holiday property, you will find everything you expect to really feel in a place created to relax.

No exaggeration

exaggerations in decoration

The holiday home should not be the place to make big interventions and exaggerations when it comes to decoration.

This property must have functional furniture and a minimum of decoration, so the maintenance of the house will not be difficult.

Limit yourself to what the house really needs, always giving more value to comfort, after all, this is where you will go with your family and friends exclusively to rest.

Avoid fragile and delicate materials


A holiday home can be used by both property owners and family and friends, so it will be a transitional location for many people.

With this in mind, it is important to think that fragile materials and objects may not be the best option for this property.

Delicate and above all expensive objects should be kept in the main family home, reserving to the vacation property what is really functional.

The risk of objects being accidentally broken is always very high, after all, not always a guest on vacation will have the same care and vision as you with the objects of the house, and so it is always better to try to minimize this risk.

The same goes for sofas, beds and pillows, be sure to use pillowcases and sofa covers that are not overly expensive and, above all, easy to wash.


Having a refuge to rest is the dream of many people, so caring fondly of this property is essential.

However, in a vacation property, it is not necessary to make large investments in what is more connected to the visual than to the experience in the property.

Take advantage of this place to carry out projects that you would not use in your main property, but that make you feel good.