Ruy Ohtake’s most impressive projects

When it comes to contemporary architecture and Brazilian furniture design, the name that stands out is that of Ruy Ohtake. As much as they seem to be full of simplicity, the architect’s projects are extremely expressive, unusual, and bold. But that does not make the buildings look heavy – quite the contrary. Ohtake’s works gain lightness through countless curves and bold forms, many of them in concrete that stand out with touches of vibrant colors.

Ruy Ohtake’s projects are so impressive, that the architect and professor has won more than twenty awards and recognitions throughout his career.

One of the reasons for Ohtake’s success is the ability that his creations have to surprise, excite, and even thrill. The intention to stand out in the landscape gains strength with the technological innovations present in the projects.

As much as he studied at good architecture schools, Ruy’s talent is, in fact, comes from his family. After all, his mother, the painter and sculptor Tomie Ohtake influenced him to follow the path of fine arts from an early age. With the references he grew up with, Ruy Ohtake managed to develop his own language that mixes technology with an oriental touch.

Get to know the main works of the artist, who has more than three hundred works in Brazil and abroad.

Ruy Ohtake’s main projects

Hotel Unique

With no doubt, Ruy Ohtake’s most prestigious project is the Unique Hotel, in São Paulo. Known as “the boat hotel” and even “watermelon hotel”, the building is synonymous with modernity and is considered one of the most important contemporary architectures in the world.

Tomie Ohtake Institute

Another work by Ruy that stands out in São Paulo is the Tomie Ohtake Institute, which pays homage to the architect’s mother. The space created to host exhibitions of architecture, design, and fine arts was recognized with an award at the 9th Buenos Aires Biennial of Architecture, in 2001.


The Governor of the State of São Paulo and the Mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, deliver 240 housing units in Heliópolis. Place: São Paulo / SP Date: 12/05/2017 Photo: Gilberto Marques / A2img

One of the most beautiful works ever done by Ruy Ohtake is volunteering in Heliópolis, where he helps build dignified housing for people in situations of social vulnerability and takes colors and shapes to the favela.

Royal Tulip Alvorada

The curved shapes so characteristic of Ruy Ohtake are highlighted inside the Royal Tulip Alvorada, in Brasília. The U-shaped hotel also impresses – and attracts countless guests – with its balcony.

Brasília Shopping and Towers

The project stands out for being considered unusual for a shopping center. Designed in the shape of a semicircle 45 meters high, the building is covered with aluminum sheets, which allows the passage of light, but retains heat.

Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo!

The semicircle format repeats itself in the project was especially made for the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo. The large windows, which also mark the architect’s works, are present in the work that portrays Ruy Ohtake’s roots.

Maison de Mouette Building

The winding curves of the building located in São Paulo bring space to breathe to the urban scene. As a highlight of the project, the wavy terraces differ from one floor to the next, arousing amazement and a lot of admiration.

Pantanal Aquarium

Located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, the project highlights the capture of solar energy, which allows natural light to enter the work. In addition, the sustainability aspect of the project can also be seen in the reuse of rainwater.


Ruy Ohtake was invited to readjust the Cícero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, also known as Morumbi Stadium. The renovation was done especially for the 2014 World Cup.