The concrete inside the house can be very elegant

For a few years now, the use of concrete in architecture and decoration has been on the rise.

Currently, the use of concrete in the decoration of spaces goes far beyond bringing an industrial look or making apparent beams, on the floor or on the walls.

So, today we brought some different possibilities for you to use the concrete in your home.

Working with concrete in the decoration is a versatile way to make up various styles in an economical way for your pocket.

Concrete is nothing more than a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water.

Burnt cement is a technique that has always been widely used in floors, but is currently used for walls, decorative objects and even on tables and benches.

The concrete provides its own characteristics ideal to be used in the external area of the house, as it is an extremely durable and resistant material.

Among the many advantages of concrete, we must highlight its versatility, strength and the advantage of being easy to clean and less subject to corrosion and weather deterioration.

You can choose to keep a raw concrete panel and to finish or to give it a beautiful finish.

Concrete is so versatile that we can find it not only in architecture, this material also inspires the world of fashion and decoration.

The concrete in the decor gives the feeling of a sophisticated and modern space.

Find balance in your decor by contrasting concrete with wood and glass.

They are perfect for tighter budgets because their cost is lower compared to items in wood or granite.

With little maintenance, concrete furniture can last for decades without losing its appearance or causing damage.

Not to mention how easy it is to clean!

Concrete furniture

If you thought concrete was used only on walls and floors, check out these examples of amazing concrete furniture.

With industrial style and quality increasingly on the rise, concrete furniture is also becoming a true trend.

Choosing concrete furniture is an ideal option for those who want to create a modern and elegant decor, saving a lot with furniture and joinery.

You can use concrete to create various furniture such as a rack for your TV room, benches, tables and stairs.

An economical and elegant option that brings more green to your home are the concrete plant vases, which you can use from small vases to incredibly large pieces.

Concrete vases look great in the decor because they are both discreet and very stylish.

But, of course, before you make your final choice for this feature, be very clear in your planning the position and style of the furniture, since they cannot be switched places easily.

Concrete in kitchen

With a contemporary and striking look, decorating the kitchen with concrete brings a differentiated result.

The kitchen is a room that offers many possibilities of use for concrete.

In addition to countertops, we can create shelves, islands and tables to complement the environment.

Always remember that the concrete countertops in the kitchen must be waterproofed.

This type of countertop is very practical when cleaning and does not accumulate dirt and dust.

Concrete in the decoration of the master bedroom

To decorate the outdoor areas, a concrete sofa is a great choice and you can fill the sofa with lots of cushions to bring that extra comfort.

Bookshelves and shelves are essential both to organize the environment and to decorate in style.

A beautiful, practical, and economical choice are the concrete shelves, you can store collections, books, discs, potted plants, picture frames, and paintings.

Its space will gain a rustic and modern touch at the same time.

Concrete in bathrooms

Concrete can be used to decorate and create structures for your bathroom such as shelves, cabinets and countertops.

It is a very good option at the time of cleaning and the gray matches with many colors.

Decorating the office

This is a trend that can be used in all environments.

You can use the versatility of concrete in your office as well.

Sober colors and straight shapes of burnt cement, create the perfect style for professional activity spaces such as offices and home office spaces.

The concrete goes well with this proposal of the rustic blended with the modern.

Amazing concrete pools

Using reinforced concrete allows great ways to customize your pool, and can be built in various formats and any project you have in mind.

Guests can coat the swimming pool with materials such as tiles, stones, glass inserts, ceramics or porcelain.

When built by good professionals, the walls receive a waterproofing before receiving the final finish.

These pools are extremely resistant and it is almost impossible to find cracks, flaws, or fissures.

Use concrete in your decor!

Concrete is a versatile material that goes well with any decorative element and with other materials such as metal and wood.

The possibilities are endless, just use your creativity and style in the decor.

Get inspired and create something new in your home!