The different uses of pergola in backyards

The backyard is the desired space for many who seek a house to live in – and one of the reasons that make the space appear on the list has things that cannot be missing in the new property has a name: pergola!

It is clear that the backyard and its countless possibilities involving nature are enchanting in itself, but architectural interference makes the space even more pleasant and relaxing. In addition to landscaping strategies, which guarantees the feeling of well-being, the wooden, metal, or concrete structure houses a pleasant and quite charming space, either by the pool or next to a garden.

Possibilities of a pergola

The structure formed by beams and parallel and hollow pillars are responsible for creating a shadow effect on the external area of a house. Known for facilitating the harvest of fruits such as grapes, pergolas started to be used in residential spaces ornamented with other plants for decorative purposes or just to protect from the sun. Currently, the plants are no longer used around the structure, which has also gained a new functionality: an extension of the house, as if it were part of the facade. The solution was seen as a great strategy to integrate the internal and external spaces.

Another option is to cover the pergolas with polycarbonates or glass, ensuring protection against sun, wind, or rain in an elegant and intimate way. If the option is a more rustic style without betting on the plants that decorate the object, the option is to bet on natural fibers, such as bamboo and straw. For those who want to escape the traditional, the suggestion is to decorate the structure with fabrics or curtains or even lights for an even cozier effect.

If you choose the traditional model ornamented with plants, the tip is to understand the need for water and sun for each one – and to understand if it adapts easily to the climate of your home. Among the most recommended for use on pergolas, are Natal ivy, Bengal clock vine, wax plant, coral vine, jade, Madagascar jasmine and yellow allamanda: practical and perfect options to compose an exuberant aesthetic.

Regardless of the goal of the pergola, the certainty is that it guarantees a more interesting look and a very cozy effect.

6 uses of the structure for inspiration

Deck with pergola

The pergola perfectly matches with a deck. The tip is to make the two structures with the same type of wood to create more unity to the space. Finally, decorate with flowers and vines for a welcoming result.

A space just for it

Set aside a space in your backyard especially for the pergola. Combine with a light wooden floor to create the perfect space to enjoy the end of the day and the beginning of the night. We guarantee an extremely charming result. If you want to make the space even more relaxing, include a sofa bed and insulate the space with glass walls to ensure sound insulation without losing its delicacy.

Continuation of the house

In order to create a unit with the internal space, place the pergola surrounding the walls of the main house. For an even more inviting look, decorate with climbing plants.

Complement for the backyard

If the option is to ornament the pergola with plants, it becomes the perfect complement to include in the middle of a backyard. Include pots around it to create a very pleasant space.

Opt for elegance

Want to get away from the traditional? Choose other colors for your pergola and cover it with acrylic. Finalize white fabrics and decorate with armchairs to create a beachy atmosphere.