The profile of luxury home buyers and what they expect


If there is a market where the crisis does not reach, this is the luxury real estate sector. In constant appreciation and always sought for housing, or for investment, high-end properties do not lose their owner.

But after all, who are the luxury home buyers, and what do they expect when purchasing a high-end home?

From coveted addresses to works of art, those who invest in a high-end property want the most exclusive on the market. A few more answers to these questions you can find below.


The word that defines what a person who invests in a luxury property seeks is exclusivity.

Those looking for high-end houses want to have experiences that until that moment had not yet been achieved by many and can be a differential.

Therefore, projects signed by renowned architects are unique and generally made specifically for the personality of those who hired them.


Priviledged location

Being in a privileged location is another feature that those who invest in a luxury property look for.

Whether it’s a central point of a city or a place with privileges such as access to a beach or woods, the location is a key point for those who invest in a luxury property.

luxury market


Each item within a luxury property must be up to the investment, so the finishes used in a luxury property should follow the same line.

Noble materials such as marble and other natural stones, noble woods, precious metals such as gold and silver, crystals, among others are always valued by those who invest in a property of high standard.

In addition to using sophisticated materials, all finishes must be made by qualified professionals who perform every detail perfectly.

luxury real estate

Comfort and Leisure

Comfort and leisure options are two of the most valued features of a property for investors.

These buyers consider that the comfort of your family is priceless and can pay for it do not save.

Luxury real estate properties are able to offer comfort from each of their features, offering space, quality, ease, and everything that is needed to ensure that your family lives comfortably.

luxury real estate

Security and technology

Those who invest in a luxury property want to count on the most modern in the technology market and especially security.

Therefore, a property with technological items that provide security such as surveillance cameras, automated doors and gates and, most often, that work by biometrics are valued.



Who can and is willing to invest high values in a luxury property wants to find all the options of comfort, safety, and quality within the new home.

Above all, the buyer of a luxury property seeks exclusivity and contact with experiences that a common property cannot offer.

Therefore, we can conclude that when decorating a luxury property, all these characteristics should be included in the project, making the residents as satisfied as possible.