What to adapt in the house with a pet

Most people love the company of a little animal.

Having a puppy or a new animal at home can bring a lot of joy to your routine and family life, in addition, more and more pet friendly places appear in large urban centers, but not everything is just enjoying.

When bringing a new resident to your home, it is necessary to adapt it and ensure that the pet is welcome and does not suffer.

You must also ensure that your house survives the arrival of your little animal, without the furniture, the floor, and walls end up destroyed.

First, you must choose which animal will be your new company and research its needs and the care that should be taken.

After the decision by a dog or cat – or even another pet – it is necessary to think of many things such as: spending, how you will take care of it and especially the safety of your pet.

Prepare a comfortable space for your pet

Whether outside or inside the house or apartment, every pet needs to have a space reserved just for him, where he will go when he wants to rest, or is alone at home.

Dogs and cats will need you to have in your corner a very comfortable bed for them.

If the animal’s location is outside the house, it is necessary to be more careful that it does not escape.

For this, you can have even a fence, and it is important to have a dog house, where your pet fits comfortably and is protected from the sun and rain.

Adapt the shelves for your kitten and scratchers to save the sofas and curtains


Felines love to walk on the furniture, climb the shelves and parade around the house.

It is ideal to encourage them to use them, but always being careful.

For the safety of the feline, and your decoration items, avoid placing pieces that could break or damage if it falls – often hurting the pet – in their way on the shelves.

One of the needs of cats is to sharpen and spend their nails and if you do not adapt an area just for him to do this, the pets will probably do it on the sofas, curtains or other corners of the house.

Scratchers are great options for this problem, there is a wide variety of models on the market and can be placed in different ways in the space.

Check nearby vets

Map vets and pet shops near your home and the times they work.

It is important to identify nearby places that allow animals to enter, so you know where to walk your pet.

Care of your carpets and rugs

If you have carpeted floors, one of the major changes you will have to make in your home to house an animal is to protect the floor.

Pets will do their needs in many places around the house until they get used to doing them in a single corner, at least in the early days, and this can completely ruin your carpet or wood flooring.

The most suitable floors for a pet house are the tiled or vinyl floors.

For the same reason, a decoration accessory that you may have to give up, at least at this stage, are the rugs.

If you still want to use rugs at home, it is recommended that they be easy to wash and that you use one with more prints and dark ones, to disguise the stains and hair.

Place protection screens on windows

This adaptation is not only essential for those who will acquire a kitten, but it is also recommended for those who choose the dogs.

Some dogs are more agitated and can jump at window height, reach it climbing on other furniture, or they may just be distracted by something outside and end up having an accident.

Beware of wires and sockets

Electricity wires from the house’s electronic equipment can be risky to pets.

They can bite them out of curiosity and take a shock.

Therefore, you must hide them and take the wires out of the reach of the pets.

Keep an eye out for low shelves

Once you have an animal at home, you will have to pay attention to the lower shelves that are at their height and you didn’t even pay much attention before.

Put your shoes in high places, they are a target for sure.

Especially in the pantry where you store the food and in the service area, you need to be careful with the cleaning products that are exposed, within reach of the pets.

Cleaning products may offer risk of death to your pet.

Beware of toxic plants


Plants such as Lily, Arum-Lily, Laceleaf, Maidenhair fern, and Rhododendron are toxic to dogs and cats.

If ingested, these plants can be of various risks to the health of animals and even lead to death.

So remove these plants even before your pet arrives.

Protect your pool

Many pets often feel attracted by the pool water, whether to drink, play or chase another animal like an insect or frog.

For the safety of your pets, it is essential to protect the pool with grills or a sturdy cover.

This way, when your pet is alone or in a moment of distraction, the pet does not run the risk of drowning.

Do not spare attention and investment in the time to adapt your home to the arrival of your pet, it will be a faithful companion and that will always bring you joy, despite your needs and that mess that comes with the innocent and dramatic look of those who did nothing.

Having a pet is all good.