Table set: how to serve with refinement

Do you know how to set the table properly?

At a meal, we want our guests to feel at ease, don’t we?

Today we will help you create a beautiful table set in your home.

A well-set table makes everyone comfortable, attractive and practically a work of art.

How to set the table the right way

Following the etiquette manuals, the rule is to position the well-spaced utensils, in an organized, functional and geometric way, “from the outside in.”

That way, guests will have a good perspective of everything that is put on the table and will find each item easily.

Arrangement of cutlery and dishes

Cutlery should be arranged on the table in order of use.

The most important cutlery is the meat cutting ones, which should be placed next to each person’s plate on the table.

Forks, are on the left and knives are on the right, with the edges facing inwards.

Next, in the arrangement are the fish cutlery, which need to follow the same criterion as the main cutlery.

Considering the composition from the outside in, we have the cutlery for salad.

Dessert cutlery should be put above the plate


Regarding the dishes, it is important to provide large dishes for the main course meal.

For salad, a small dish and for dessert, a shallow dish.

If a soup is served, place back plates on the table.


At least two glasses must be arranged for the guests.

They should be placed to the right of the plate, along with the largest glass (the water) on the inside and aligned with the knife.

The ideal wine

In Gastronomy, what dictates what types of cups or glasses will be used are the drinks. White wine is great served with fish and red wine, accompanied by red meats or poultry.

Rosé wine, on the other hand, works for both fish and meat.

Knowing about these combinations to prepare your dinner and set up your table with the ideal cup is essential to welcome your guests.

That way, think of all the drinks you will serve at your dinner before setting up your table.

Mugs and saucers

The mugs with saucers although few mentioned, are fundamental to a well-set table, especially at breakfast time, brunch or afternoon coffee.

Tea and sweets on a white table.

In these situations, we use coffee and mugs with their saucers.

But for those who like to have coffee after the main meals, it is good to always have coffee mugs washed and available for lunch and dinner.


Napkins should be placed on the plate, or on the left side of the person.

The use of the tablecloth

The choice of a beautiful tablecloth should also be made carefully.

In some cases, you can opt for placemats, which usually do not include tablecloths in the decoration.

Use delicate arrangements and embellishments

Beautiful table setting with crockery and flowers for a party, wedding reception or other festive event. Glassware and cutlery for catered event dinner

To decorate your table, opt for delicate items and don’t overdo it with very large arrangements and embellishments that can disrupt the view of those on the table.

If you opt for flowers, choose species without strong perfume so the odor of the plant does not mix or until cover up the aroma of the dishes.

You can always combine embellishments with the colors of the tablecloth, sous plat, and dishes.

Candles are also very welcome on your table but bet on scents and neutral colors.

Use only what you offer

An important detail is that we should not put to the table a utensil or glass for something that we will not offer.

This can generate a certain expectation on the guest and, if he asks, it can be embarrassing.

That way, if you are not serving sparkling wine, for example, do not place the Flute glass on the table.

All set to prepare your table?

Now that you have learned some tips for putting a table sophisticated, it is time to put in practice and serve your meals in much more style.