What you need to know to decorate luxury real estate

Decorating a luxury property requires some details that go beyond a common décor.

In luxury decoration it is essential to always be attentive to the quality of details, always preferring noble materials.

Everything must be aligned with the proposal of sophistication, creating a high-end space.

We gather here, from the look over every room of the house, what you need to know to create a luxury décor.


luxury real estate

The entrance represents the place of reception, to welcome residents and visitors as soon as they enter the house, being the business card of the property.

A luxury entrance requires symmetry and order, preferably with minimalist and functional furnishings.

Some entry locations can be created to place punctual objects such as keys and wallets, but avoid any apparatus that could result in a mess such as a clothes rack.

A sideboard in the lobby is very important, as well as investing in the decorative objects like a chandelier,

Placing a mirror in the entrance hall décor is also an excellent option so that when people arrive or leave, people can look at themselves.

Living room

Living room

The living room is the room of the house dedicated to everyday life, so it is the place that should reflect the style of the whole house.

To create a luxurious living room, you first need to evaluate the different options according to its size.

For an open space living room it is necessary to give preference to different colors, perhaps focus on darker colors.

In the case of a smaller room, preference should be given to neutral and light tones to give depth to the environment.

The sofa in the living room will be the central element, so it is necessary to choose it carefully. Dark colors such as black and dark gray are perfect for a luxurious sofa, accompanied by minimalist-style furniture and gold or silver design objects.

A dark wood coffee table and a beautiful puff in dark tone will give a more refined touch to the space.

The addition of decorative objects such as candlesticks and vases will give an extra touch of class.

It is necessary to give preference to the use of materials such as leather, full-bodied fabrics, crystals, stones, noble woods and everything that adds refinement to the décor.



For the kitchen, it is preferable to opt for custom-made furniture in order to optimize all spaces.

To create a luxurious house, it is necessary to give great importance to this part of the house, taking into account the details indispensable for a luxury kitchen.

A modern kitchen, with straight lines and bright materials, is perfectly embellished with design elements and technology.


comtemporary pantone

The bedroom is the most personal room of the house, so in addition to being a visually luxurious environment, it should offer all the comfort and warmth to the residents.

Prefer neutral colors and silky textures to make the space relaxing without giving up elegance. Exposed blankets with ton sur ton pillows are essential for a luxurious room.

In addition to a king-size bed with a large headboard, the side tables with beautiful lighting are indispensable.


When decorating a luxury property you should pay close to the smallest details, after all, everything should be up to the sophistication of the property.

The materials of furniture, tapestry and adornments must be of quality, giving even the small details due value.

Remember that the luxury décor is linked not only to the visual experience, but also to the sensitive experience, being indispensable that in addition to being beautiful, each place of the house is also comfortable and cozy.