10 Chairs with an authentic design

Loved by some, disowned by others. Chairs may appear to be just another furniture object with a very specific purpose – sitting. The truth is that chairs with authentic design can be responsible for bringing an extremely charming and interesting touch to any space.

More than a dull object, chairs are objects of study and can inspire grand and unusual creations. So much so that there are countless artists who have revolutionized the function of a simple chair – and many have become references because of the furniture.

Discover 10 chairs with authentic designs that go beyond their functionality.

Eames Lounge Chair

The best known of this list does not go unnoticed. The iconic model is famous not only for its design but also for its comfort. It is 85cm wide and 84cm deep, making the chair famous in the 1950s and featuring a unit on display at the MOMA in New York.


As the name says, the model created in 1956 was inspired by a tulip. The flower-shaped chair has two charming versions, one with armrests and the other without such features.

Womb Chair

The Womb Chair is a project by the same creator of Tulip, presented above. As the name says, the womb chair was created to offer the same comfort and warmth that babies feel in their mother’s womb.


Created in 1968, the chair is also known as the Globe Chair. The geometric model is an industrial design classic and provides a lot of relaxation. The shell shape made of acrylic and with a cushioned seat helps to block out sounds.


LC2 is one of the representatives of the modernist movement and was created by the acclaimed architect Le Corbusier. The first version of the chair appeared in 1928, but it was only in 1959 that it became the model we know today when Heidi Weber included steel tubes in the model.


The armchair created by the Brazilian Sérgio Rodrigues appeared in 1961 and is one of the most famous national pieces of furniture. Artless and versatile, the model that seeks to reflect the informality of the carioca way of living is very comfortable.


Pioneer when it comes to the use of tubular steel in furniture, the Hungarian chair was created in the 1920s. Wassily was largely responsible for placing Dessau Bauhaus in a leading position of functional design.


Created by Arne Jacobsen in the 1950s, one of the chairs with an authentic design has natural lines and organic features that resemble an egg, of course. The luxury armchair base that was made especially for the Hotel Royal SAS, located in Copenhagen, is composed of aluminum to generate greater comfort.


Barcelona was created especially to compose an emblematic building of modern architecture. The iconic and elegant model has two chromed steel legs and a scissor structure, both Chinese references.


The famous “S” shaped chair was created in 1967 and was considered one of the chairs with an authentic and quite revolutionary design. The reason? In addition to being quite sinuous, the timeless design was one of the first to be produced with injected plastic.