20 Inspiring Ideas for Decorating the Pet “Corner”

Is there a little animal in your house? Most likely, yes. Pets are increasingly present in people’s homes and have already become a member of the family. So they also deserve a decorated space, don’t they? Come check out our tips.


20 tips to inspire and decorate your pet’s space

Bed, food, and toy are basic items in your pet’s “corner”, but you can invest a little more in decoration to make it even cozier. Let’s go, shall we?

1. Comfortable bed

It doesn’t matter if the bed is handmade or bought at the best pet shops. It needs to be soft and comfortable. If possible, engraved with the pet name to get more personalized. Oh, and don’t forget the pillows, okay?

Pet "Corner"

2. Toys cannot be left out

Leave your pet’s favorite toys at their disposal so they can entertain themselves when they are home alone.

Pet Toys

3. Use washable paint on the wall

The washable paint will make cleaning much easier, especially if your pet loves rubbing their paws on the wall.

4. Scratchers for cats

The scratcher is a great strategy to amuse and entertain your cat and still keep their nails sharp. They love it.

scratchers for cats

5. Cat hammocks

Cats, and some dogs, love the swinging of a hammock. And let’s agree that it’s really nice to see them enjoying this moment of rest.

pet swing

6. Shelves to play with

Another object much appreciated by cats are the shelves fixed on the walls. They love to jump from one to another.

pet shelves

7. Different feeders

Forget that common bowl of food and water. Invest in decorative, personalized feeders that are much more beautiful and elegant.

pet feeder

8. Opening in the walls

Another very cool tip for those who have cats full of energy at home is to make openings in the wall, between one space and another so that the cat can walk around the way they like it most: with a lot of adrenaline.

9. Wallpaper

How about coating a wall with a decorative wallpaper and making your pet’s “corner” totally differentiated?

10. Ceramic floor

Ceramic flooring is colder and helps pets cope with hot days.

pet corner

11. How about a very soft rug?

You don’t need to invest in expensive rugs. It just needs to be comfortable. Prefer those with shorter fur and according to the size of the animal.

wall painting

12. Bed at the master bedroom

Is your dog one of those who only sleeps close to you? Have a bed ready there for the time of rest.


13. Watch out for plants

Plants make any environment more pleasant, but be very careful because some species are a real poison for dogs and cats.

14. Mat underneath the feeder

It is an item you can’t forget. In addition to protecting the floor from food crumbs, it still makes the pet’s “corner” more charming.

pet feeder mat

15. Bed linen organizer

An organizer is a very useful organization object for pets as well. You can store blankets, toys, rugs, towels, toilet mats, and more.

pet organizer

16. Space for sunbathing

Dogs and cats love sunbathing. And if your pets stay at home for long periods of time, that space is key. Facilitate the entry of the sunlight and add a small rug there where the light focuses.

17. Paintings on the wall

Yes, paintings on the wall with pictures of the animal or things he likes to use or do are great decorative elements.

pet frames

18. Food places, physiological needs and well-divided rest

Feeders, walks, and hygienic mats need to be well separated, even if they are in one space. The characteristic smell of the hygiene mat, for example, can affect the appetite and make them lose their enthusiasm for food.

19. Shelves for storing snacks

How about a suspended stand to store your pets’ food jars, cookies, and other snacks? It is a very practical tip and it makes it much easier to feed them.

dog toys shelves

20. Pet house

If your pet is more reserved, he may quite like a more closed house to sleep in. Cats, for example, love it. And you find a lot of elegant, personalized and very different houses from the traditional houses that we see out there.


With creativity and a lot of affection, it is possible to decorate the pet’s “corner” in a way that he and you will love.