Disney Themed Hotels

Those who go to Orlando in search of the world of Disney magic will also be amazed by the amazing accommodations available. In addition to the fun themed rooms, there are wonderful resorts with luxurious rooms that offer not only comfort but a breathtaking decor and complement the magic of a place as special as Disney.


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Hotels with themed rooms at Disney

In general, hotels in Disney are wonderful when it comes to decor and accommodation, as they have themed rooms that refer to the great successes of cinema. Furniture, paintings, walls, objects – everything is decorated so that you feel inside the movies.

The most requested themes are:

  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Princess suite
  • Finding Nemo
  • Cars
  • The Lion King
  • The Little Mermaid

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Those who enjoy a more adventurous atmosphere will love the themed rooms of the Caribbean Resort that has a decor nature-oriented, with boats, ropes, and furniture reproducing the internal structure of a pirate boat.

Those who prefer dinosaur-themed rooms can sleep among them at night, and have a lot of fun with the perfect decor of the place. There are two rooms available at this resort:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Room
  • Jurassic Park Room
Pirates of the Caribbean

Legoland Complex

Disney had the amazing idea of creating a themed hotel for Lego lovers. The Legoland Complex is oriented for children, with over 2 million pieces to assemble. A great invitation to creativity and fun. Unforgettable.

There are four room types decorated with different themes and perfect to awaken the imagination of children and adults:

  • Pirate Room
  • Adventure Room
  • Kingdon Room
  • Lego Friends
themed rooms

Luxury accomodation resorts

Disney themed rooms are special accommodations because they offer a unique experience for visitors.

But they are not the only options for those who want a comfortable hotel with outstanding decor. Check out some luxury hotel options at Disney:

Minnie and Mickey rooms

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & SPA

Saratoga Springs was inspired by the former and luxurious horse racing clubs. The resort’s decor is Victorian-style, reminiscent of the lives of English kings and queens. A distinctive feature of the hotel is its location in the middle of valleys and mountains also ensuring a lush landscape for visitors.

Disney complex

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

The decor of this hotel was inspired by deserted regions, with a totally rustic style, but extremely luxurious and refined. The feeling is to be in a wild environment, where the first Native Americans lived, only with a good deal of modernity. The hotel welcomes the whole family and even offers romantic honeymoon suites.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The resort also has a classic and comfortable Victorian style. The hotel is on the coast of The Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney’s artificial lake that gives the resort an attractive and pleasant landscape. The entire structure of the hotel is surrounded by refinement with restaurants offering famous dishes, heated pools, spa, game rooms, and much more.

themed hotels

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Visit Disney, but also enjoy some of the magic of Africa? Yes, it is possible in this resort that has a theme especially thought out in safaris with decoration, furniture, structure, and many other details that make the guest really feel like they are in the middle of an African adventure.

animal kingdom

And it’s not just the decor of the hotel that refers back to Africa, no. The resort maintains in its premises several species of exotic animals typical of the African continent such as zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, and many more. Even the vegetation is from Africa!

Contemporary Resort

This is one of Disney’s oldest resorts and offers guests a prime view of Magic Kingdom, where the hotly contested theme parks are located.

The hotel is not themed but is decorated with great luxury and thinking about the comfort of users. All parks are easily accessed from the Contemporary. Magic Kingdom, for example, is just 10 minutes from the hotel on a route that can be easily completed on foot.

Are you on a scheduled trip to Orlando and don’t know where to stay? Enjoy the amazing experience of staying in Disney themed rooms or, if you prefer, be enchanted by the luxurious and sophisticated decor of the great resorts they offer, plus a privileged location, plenty of comfort, and refinement.

comtemporary resort
Disney’s Contemporary Resort