Essential Showcase

Receiving an invitation to a show is always a great joy, especially for the store window, its main space, which makes the project even more challenging. What most people don’t know is that while you have creative freedom, we, in a way, need to keep our feet on the ground to create a project that involves a brand identity.

Introducing the Essential Showcase.


Elegant and refined, this space divided into Living Room with Fireplace, Dining Room, and Lounge Bar involves every visitor to an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. Created based on the visual identity of the brand, Artefacto, the predominance of black color, feared to make the environment heavy, in this project makes the environment subtle and imposing without overloading it. Precisely by the use of softer colors in the foreground, loose furniture, which highlighted with the punctual and indirect lighting permeates depth in the space making it light and pleasant to be in.

Despite the monochrome palette, different textures were used in the finishes to be able to differentiate the color without having to change it. The secret then comes in the correct choice of textures and in their composition, interspersing with cleaner parts of the same color for breath and contrast with other materials, so it is possible to maximize and highlight elements of the same tone without these conflict or becoming tiring.

Rich in details the design has uniqueness not only by the furniture used, as decorative objects and handmade tapestry. Natural plants humanize the space and share the scene with works of art punctually applied bringing personality.

Another highlight of the project is the finishes. Portobello launches, the large porcelain tiles applied to the floor print the nobility of the Marquina Marble in large format, 120x270cm, and continues as a highlight on the wall of the Lounge Bar. Composing with the same the Concrete Graphite of 120x250cm gains movement by the use of aluminum profiles in gold color making the coating of the walls unique. The coffee tables with various designs, shapes, and sizes, Artefacto, harmoniously compose different materials and blend to the floor by the use of natural marble tops, Nero Marquina, interspersed with pre-composed tops in granilite, Terrazo Kyoto.

Essential Showcase, for Artefacto 2020 shows in the city of Balneário Camboiú/SC – Brazil

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