5 Decor mistakes you can’t make

funny sofa

When decorating a space, many factors can end up going wrong, either because of too much information or something that is missing, or even an error that ends up hindering the functionality of the space.

To avoid this type of situation, you need to look at some details that can make your decoration more complete, so you can achieve the result you have always dreamed of.

To help you on this journey, we’ve prepared some examples of mistakes people make decorating the house so you don’t fall into these traps.

Leave walls empty

empty wall

Unless you have on the walls a style of painting that in itself is a decoration, leaving an empty wall can be one of the main mistakes when decorating an environment, after all it is a very large space that can be used in various ways.

To solve this issue there are many options available, for sure one of them can help you transform your décor, check out some of the following:


wall paper

Using wallpaper is a feature, it is ideal for those who want to highlight a wall. This material helps you to include colors, textures, and even prints in your décor quickly and conveniently.


frames on the wall

Using paintings in the décor is an excellent way to express the personality of the owners of the house and still make the room look more complete and bold.


black textile on brown chair

Placing mirrors in the décor can work very well, especially for small spaces. After all, this feature will visually increase the space and create a sense of depth.

Having too much stuff in the décor

wrong decor

Too many things in the space can visually pollute your décor, so it couldn’t be off the list of mistakes you can’t make in decor.

Placing shelves or bookshelves with many objects, exceeding the amount of furniture, and even placing too many cushions on a sofa or armchair can end up spoiling the décor.

Having too little things in the décor

less decor

On the other hand, putting only the essentials in a room and not investing in a carpet, some paintings and details, for example, can end up leaving your décor very visually poor.

To avoid this, even if you have a minimalist style, it is interesting that you think of some adornments, complements and objects to make your décor more modern and stylish.

Excess use of colors

too many things in the decor

Going over the edge when choosing the colors of the decor can also be a mistake, after all, making the wrong combinations can end up making the space confusing.

Using many colors in the same space, especially when they don’t match each other, can be another decorating error.

To avoid making this kind of mistake, think of a color palette before you start decorating your space, so it’s much easier to be consistent and rock in choosing colors.

Do not leave room for circulation

many furniture

We are often excited about the size or quantity of furniture in the same space, mainly because we do not plan in advance the measurements of what we will include in the decor.

The consequence, in addition to making the room overloaded, is to hinder, or even make impossible, circulation, making the environment confusing and not functional for everyday life.


In decoration, it is important to have space for different ideas and dictate rules is not something that makes room for creativity, however, some errors can end up hindering the functionality of an environment and even not giving due value to the effort of those who planned that decoration.

So you don’t end up making silly mistakes that can influence the end result of your décor, plan everything calmly, research the decorating style you want to use, and use Decor Influencer tips.