5 furniture pieces that will transform your outdoor area

In the rush of modern life, balconies and outdoor spaces have gained more and more attention. Did you know that, with some changes and pieces of furniture well chosen, it is possible to have a space for rest, and that guarantees contemplation?

With rain or not, the arrival of the end of the year is celebrated as a time to fraternize, open the house to gather friends, travel to the beach or countryside, and enjoy high temperatures.

In this way, outdoor areas, summer houses and balconies gain prominence and deserve comfortable and appropriate furniture to receive without losing style.

Focusing on handmade

Artefacto employs technology in the finishes of its external furniture, with the use of synthetic fibers, assorted colors, and special fabrics to resist rain and sea mist.

For Artefacto Curitiba manager, Ingrid Moskalewski, furniture and fabrics with more natural aspects are connected to comfort and well-being. “That doesn’t mean being rustic.

The furniture can be sophisticated using materials such as fabrics with natural fibers, woods in their natural color, or with soft dyeing, bamboo, straws, or hand-braided marlacas.

If well finished and well built, the pieces gain sophistication. These aspects will not necessarily be linked to the beach or the city, but depend on the lifestyle of the resident.

We can have a beach house with natural and super refined pieces”, concludes Ingrid.

We have set up suggestions that will certainly give a new status to your external area. Check it out below:
  1. Angatu Swing Chair: Indigenous word of Tupi and that means good soul, well-being, happiness. The swing chair has organic and intertwined shapes that give the impression of fluidity and lightness, and at the same time highlights rigidity and comfort. It arouses curiosity by the folds of its elements showing that it is a unique piece of identity. It is signed by Sérgio Matos.
  1. Armchair with footrest: For those who like to spend the hours relaxing or reading a good book, the Castalla armchair, with footrest is a good choice. With modernist characteristics and rereading of the current moment, it has a shape in elegant and ultra-resistant plots, synonymous with personality.
  1. Handmade chair: One of the best outdoor investments are chairs that can be easily repositioned according to the number of guests, or party style. Whether on the beach, in the countryside or on the balcony of your apartment, the Cagell II Chair is hand-made and materializes a contemporary lifestyle.
  1. Colorful sofa: To welcome guests or sit with the family to chat and relax, the colorful sofas bring more charm and joy to the space. The Piedmont sofa is a great deal. It can be accompanied by a coffee table that supports objects and other accessories such as vase and cups. How pleasing, isn’t it?
  1. Tall armchairs: Imposing and full of handmade details, another idea is to invest in high back armchairs. While they bring comfort, they also decorate the environment. The Palawan armchair has this proposal.

Outdoor area in small space

Even if the external area is limited to an apartment balcony, with creativity and boldness, it is possible to create a pleasant and inviting space. In this case, the ideal is to have well-planned furniture. When placing plants, opt for a vertical garden, or pending pots. The incidence of light determines which plants to use. For sunny places, invest in Lily turfs, String of Pearls, and fan-flower. In the spaces with more shade the dragon-tail plant, fern, and anthurium fulfill the role well. To free up space and make circulation more pleasant, the tip is to put multipurpose furniture, such as a bench that also serves as a support table. See also:

  • Textiles and accessories. Choose colorful and vibrant cushions, vases or even carpets;
  • Lighting. How about using the balcony at night? Create a pleasant atmosphere using indirect lights or candles.
  • Important details. To make the balcony even more comfortable, use citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes and other insects. If there is room for barbecue or for some speakers to listen to music, without bothering the neighbors, perfect.