Simple ways to make your home look bigger: Enjoy these tips!

You may have a small or large house, but the truth is you will always want to make it look bigger.

Giving the impression that the space is wider can seem like a challenge, so with the right decorating tricks it is possible to achieve this result and make your home even more comfortable.

Below are ways to enlarge your environment and get the impression that you’ve gained a few more meters!

Mirrors in your home

mirror wall

The first decorating trick to make the space visually larger is to invest in mirrors.

This element has the ability to create the illusion of more space and significantly increases the luminosity of the room.

To achieve this effect, ideally install large mirrors, preferably from floor to ceiling, so you double the size of your environment and achieve the much-dreamed feeling of spaciousness.

Indirect lighting

indirect light

Using indirect lighting is an excellent way to increase the feeling of space in a room. To achieve this effect, ideally use different ways to bring light to your home.

When a certain area of the house is illuminated that space seems larger and consequently everything around gains more value.

In this case, invest in smooth and reflective surfaces such as the lacquered wood, polished stone, and glass will be a great decision.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is one of the best ways to visually increase spaces. When you have large windows, doors and skylights the incidence of sunlight will favor so that your space is flooded with clarity and increases considerably.

This item is a trick widely used in Scandinavian décor, in which natural lighting is one of the main focus and the environments are visually wide without losing the climate of warmth.


Stylish scandinavian home interior of living room with design gray sofa, armchair, marble stool, black coffee table, modern paintings, decoration, plant and elegant personal accessories in home decor.

By putting the right furniture in your environment, you make it more spacious.

Very large or disproportionate furniture takes up a lot of space, decreasing the visible part of the floor and walls that increase the impression of amplitude.

-Small furniture

Before buying your furniture, you need to plan very well where each item will be positioned.

Do not count on all the space available to decide the measurement of your furniture, remember the need for circulation and leave some parts free.

Lower pieces favor that there is more space vertically, which will contribute a lot to make the room appear wider, since at eye level height all the space will be free.

-Planned furniture

When there is a possibility, make a project of planned furniture. This is the best way to take advantage of your space more efficiently and programmed to meet the needs of the family.

Remove walls

American cuisine
Wood kitchen with granite island

Creating integrated spaces in the open concept style allows a lot of space to be saved.

In this way, where the walls would be is now a circulation space and the rest of the room can be better used.

When there are no barriers it is possible to create a feeling of spaciousness that will value your space.

In addition to providing more comfort, you promote the propagation of luminosity.

Another way to visually increase environments is to maintain the same color and texture between the walls and floors between them, so it is not limited to a region and the feeling of space and integration increases.

Light colors in your home

light colors
Cozy luxury modern interior design of a studio apartment in extra white colors with fashionable expensive furniture in a minimalist style. white tiled floor, kitchen, relaxation area and workplace

By using light colors on walls, floors, and furniture, you create a way for your environment to look larger.

Bet on neutral tones such as white, gray, and cream, so the clarity planned with direct or natural lighting will be emphasized and the sense of spaciousness will be greater.

Light-colored furniture is also a good choice for small environments to look larger.

Let the use of darker colors and prints exclusively for objects and adornments such as blankets and cushions, so they will contrast with the rest of the light decoration.

Planning your choices when decorating a small environment is essential for a successful project, take note of each of the tips and, as far as possible put them into practice, you will see that the result will be rewarding.