Architecture that embraces

Interior Design is the branch of architecture that has the most contact with the person who experiences the space. It contains colors, textures, sensations, and impressions. It encompasses all the verbs: save, use, clean, open, close, sit, take, live, among an infinite number of others. It is as intimate as a piece of clothing, a whisper in the ear, a tight hug. At the present time in the country, especially in large urban centers where verticalization is on fire, there is almost no possibility of building anything from scratch. The apartments are constantly renovated and there is a repetition of the plan for various customers types. In this sense, it is the Interior Design that most characterizes a space according to the use and personality of those who use it. Understanding the customer, therefore, is a key role. The architect, at these times, must be more listener than a commentator. The Briefing meeting is the time when the professional must pay full attention to the person who hired him. It’s time to imagine yourself in the person’s place, understand your routine, tastes and culture. It is when empathy plants the seed of creativity that the ideal project will germinate. At Juliana Saraiva’s office, interior design is a expertise.

We gather all the information necessary for the elaboration of a good project and carry it out in stages, until reaching the long-awaited final result. Care is taken from the disposition of the furniture for better circulation and use of spaces, always prioritizing functionality and coziness, until the choice of finishes that best reflect the essence of our client. Even after countless projects completed and executed with perfection, the magic of architecture is noticed in the uniqueness of each one. Each human being is different, therefore, each project is also different. In addition, the experience accumulated in years of experience in the market always provides new solutions and alternatives, always in conjunction with reliable partners and suppliers. In addition, it is important to note that the seed of creativity flourishes throughout the team, not remaining in a single collaborator. The team is dynamic, as is the design process. Each person is responsible for a specific role in a given project, according to their aptitudes and abilities. However, this does not neglect the interaction between each employee and the constant exchange of ideas, perceptions, and experiences. And it is clear that a good project, in addition to being functional and beautiful, needs to be feasible. In addition to the creative side, the design process embraces the technical side in the same way. Ideas must always be accompanied by material knowledge and they must be transmitted in a clear and transparent manner to the customer and the workforce. The architect, therefore, is a mediator. It is the person who captures the client’s desire in the world of ideas, translating it in a visual and practical way to the paper, and then passes on the knowledge to those who have the materials and techniques necessary for its execution. Despite being the tip of the architectural iceberg, the interior design is complex, it is intense, it is transformative and we are passionate about it.