Balneario Camboriú to Brazilian Dubai

Balneario Camboriú is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina and is very close to the capital, Florianópolis. It is one of the most sought after destinations by tourists from all over Brazil and also from neighboring countries. Argentinians and Uruguayans, for example, are frequent visitors to the place.

In addition to numerous radiant landscapes that fill anyone’s eyes, Balneario Camboriú is also known by an affectionate and curious nickname: Brazilian Dubai. That’s because the municipality has some of the most striking features of the exotic city located in the UAE: beautiful and luxurious buildings.

Balneario Camboriú and its stunning success

The city of Santa Catarina impresses due to its accelerated growth. With just over 55 years of political emancipation and 150,000 inhabitants, it receives more than 4 million tourists in the high season months.

This large number of people is justified by the various local tourist attractions. Balneario Camboriú is close to the largest theme park in Brazil, Beto Carrero World. It is also a place of beautiful beaches, many of them preserved, as well as a wonderful and efficient gastronomic and hotel structure.

Night in Balneario Camboriú

The nights in the city are busy, many bars and restaurants and the streets are very disputed by tourists and locals who take advantage of the movement to walk around and meet other people. The city knows how to blend well the refinement with the natural landscape, something that impresses a lot and continues to attract tourists from everywhere.

Why Brazilian Dubai?

Balneario Camboriú received the nickname of Brazilian Dubai, but can you tell why? The main one is the one that stands out the most: the immense buildings that stand out amid the already quite lush landscape of the city.

Balneario Camboriú has the largest skyscrapers in the country

Seven of the ten largest buildings in Brazil are in Balneario Camboriú. Of these, four are over 200 meters high. Learn more about them below.

One Tower from FG Empreendimentos

The One Tower is under construction and is expected to be the largest building in the country with an incredible 280 meters in height. There will be 77 floors and each apartment will have up to 4 suites. The luxurious tower also impresses with beautiful and bold, modern design.

4 floors of the large tower will be dedicated to the recreation area. Residents can count on a movie room and mini-golf, as well as a swimming pool, gym, spa, and panoramic sea views, as the tower is located exactly on Avenida Atlântica.

Yachthouse Residence Club of The Pasqualotto Construction Company

Popularly known as the twin towers, the building impresses with its fascinating 274 meters high and 81 floors, each. It is the second largest building in Latin America.

The design of the building is another point that stands out. It was prepared by a famous Italian architecture firm, Pininfarina, responsible for brands such as Ferrari and Rolls Royce. The leisure area of yacht house Pasqualotto is also very attractive with a cyber cafe, cinema room, spa, lounge, games rooms, swimming pools for all ages, and much more.

Famous as Neymar and Luan Santana were the first to acquire an apartment in this magnificent building.

Infinity Coast from FG Empreendimentos

The third tallest building in the country with 239 meters high is also FG Empreendimentos. Each apartment has three suites, one of which has a hot tub. The building also offers an extensive leisure area. The pieces are large, with glass windows and sea views.

Boreal Coast of FG Empreendimentos

Another imposing building that is part of those that are more than 200 meters high. At 230 meters, the Boreal Coast has direct sea views, with no obstacles and an extremely refined and luxurious design like almost everyone in this region.

With mirrored glass, this is one of the most beautiful skyscrapers on the edge of Balneario Camboriú.

The gigantic buildings are not the only resemblance of Balneario Camboriú to Dubai. Cities also have other points in common:

  • Very busy nightlife
  • City with panoramic view
  • Accelerated growth
  • Exuberant natural landscapes
  • The country’s first Ferris wheel (FG Big Wheel)

Balneario Camboriú has plenty of reasons to receive this nickname so interesting and privileged: Brazilian Dubai. And if you don’t know Dubai in the UAE you can already have a preview here in Brazil of what you can find there on your next trip.