Integration with the outdoor area!

It is with pleasure that I accepted the invitation of Decor Influencer to participate in this column to talk about decoration and bringing some of my work!

Being able to share with you my knowledge and completed projects in the field, which materialized the dreams of my clients, makes me very happy.

In this edition, I present the design of a house in a gated community, whose main premise was the duplication of living and integration with the outdoor area.

The main idea was a cozy atmosphere to welcome friends and that could interact with all the spaces of the house.

outdoor area

The expansion took place through a structure made with pergola, built on part of the outdoor area, which received lowering in plaster, leaving only an opening over the dining table, creating a skylight that brought luminosity to the space.

integrated living room

The social area that previously had 31 m² then increased to 61 m², dividing itself into a gourmet area with barbecue, dining room, and two integrated living rooms, one with home theater. A large span with pivoting glass doors that are retractive completely connects the internal area to the patio, where a deck with sofa, built with treated wood, compose a cozy space to have friends over.

dining table

The carpentry of the social area was one of the highlights of this project, delimiting and bringing functionality with full utilization of the space!

The contemporary design blends with more classic details that bring charm and elegance. As usual, I opted to choose a neutral base for the general decoration and try to complement with vibrant colors in elements such as the glamorous green banquettes with studs, from the gourmet area.

integrated area

The lighting draws attention with more scenic touches, highlighting the carpentry and wallpaper. The large niches of the TV room furniture are illuminated with LED strips and receive an application of mirrors that reflect the light from the outdoor area, creating the feeling of amplitude.