How to decorate your beach house

beach house

Need to decorate your beach house, but don’t know for sure how to do it?

Today, we will help you to make your resting place much more beautiful, cozy, and without losing the elegance and practicality.

After all, a beach house is synonymous with leisure, peace, and tranquility and a good decoration is essential to ensure all this comfort.

Check out the tips!

Invest in rustic décor


This is a type of decoration widely used in beach houses since the style of the property is more natural, with a countryside feeling, and even more rural. Of course, without leaving aside the sophistication and elegance perfectly compatible with these characteristics.

The tip is to use rustic furniture or made of demolition wood that is also sturdy and durable. Decorating the house with elements in this wooded hue and typical objects of the region is also interesting.

Choose functional and durable furniture

outdoor furniture

It is important that your furniture is durable, practical, and functional. Invest in tables with chairs inside and outside the house, install sofas, beds, and lounge chairs. Hammocks are also key and very inviting pieces in a beach house.

Avoid cotton fabric in furniture as they accumulate dust and mold easily. Instead, prefer stiffer, more durable materials that are easy to maintain. In the case of wood, use some substance to preserve the material for longer as varnish.

vacant white and brown sectional sofa in room

The sea mist of the region is usually very harmful to some types of furniture and care needs to be doubled.

Opt for lighter colors

Beach house needs to be cozy and the more neutral colors like beige, white ice, ivory, sand, or the like are ideal to convey this feeling. Light colors also give amplitude and make the space more comfortable when it is too hot.

light colors

Invest in elements that refer to nature

light colors

Avoiding excesses, it is possible to make the house very beautiful and full of details by investing in natural elements either through objects, paintings, or natural plants. Fish, coconut trees, flowers, boats, birds, straw pieces like hats are some items that can be explored.

Special care for lighting

Beach house lighting

The house should be well lit, preferably by natural sunlight which is perfectly possible with the use of large glass windows that allow the entry of light, sun, and wind. These windows, incidentally, are very elegant and guarantee a privileged view of the surrounding landscapes.

At night, the lighting is due to artificial lights and is important inside and outside of the house. The lights will guide the residents in the circulation of the environment and make the house more intimate and cozy.

Avoid fabric curtains

beach house

Curtains are also a good choice, especially if your windows are made out of glass. They soften the entrance of the sun and light when necessary. But avoid fabric curtains because, as has been said, they are less durable parts and more likely to suffer from molds and dust buildup.

PVC curtains or lighter, thinner fabric are enough to play their role well and can be cleaned easily.

Don’t forget to use waterproof pieces

classic blue beach house

One detail that can not be forgotten in a beach house is the use of waterproof covers on sofas and upholstered chairs. If there is any wooden floor, it should also be coated with varnish, for example, to avoid wear caused by frequent contact with water.

Choose the ideal floor

vacation house floor

Despite being a very natural-oriented environment it is not ideal to use wooden floors because of direct contact with the water and the sea mist of the place. Choose a good ceramic and, in the outdoor area, prefer non-slip floors to avoid accidents.

Comfort is key

Beach house is synonymous with rest, vacation, comfort. Take this into account when choosing your furniture from the indoor and outdoor area, always thinking of the convenience to visitors. Invest in comfortable sofas, hammocks, beds, chairs and benches.

beach house in Trancoso

Have several cushions at home as they are comfortable, functional pieces and give a special touch to any type of décor.

If you were looking for inspiration to decorate your beach house, now you have enough. The next step is to get your hands dirty and make this place more and more pleasing.