Burnt cement: The trend that has come to stay, but does it fit with you?

Burnt cement

Are you prepared to bring the burnt cement to your home?

That is the question I always ask my clients who mention their desire to use this type of flooring.

With the plethora of options that the architecture market today offers, I have often perceived the will that the public has, at the time that this style is mentioned, as a form of economy in the renovation.

burnt cement

I, as an architect who also carries out renovations, have been realizing in the last two years that the burned cement really came to stay, but next to it comes some problems and frustrations, because despite its versatility I see, as a professional, that it does not fit in all profiles.

Therefore, before applying it to a project, I usually make some specifications: If the customer actually wants the burned cement or he wants to get the look that this material has.


I say this because, if it is the second option, we have several other possibilities in the market: there are laminate, vinyl, and porcelain tiles that meet the expectations of customers who want to bring this more rustic aspect to the space. This is where it becomes clear why my initial question “Are you prepared?” The burnt cement is made with cement and glue, and at the end, we pass a resin to give some ‘resistance’ to the floor, however, it is a material that can cause cracks [pequenas são comuns e potencialmente irão aparecer], stains and porosity – if you are looking for a homogeneous finish, know that surely this floor is not for you.


Therefore, it is more recommended for large warehouses – such as event centers, which also use it frequently – ending up “smoother”. However, it is a damp floor and for homes or offices does not have a perfect finish, when compared, for example, with a porcelain tile. A number of variables can influence the final aspect and I remember again: if you are looking for something homogeneous and perfect, rethink the use of burnt cement. So, before opting or not for it, it is worth putting on the balance the advantages and disadvantages that this floor can bring us.

Now, if you are really prepared, bet on this beautiful floor, which, if composed with a harmonious space and materials that support this bold idea, will make your space even cooler, in a perfect union of rustic with modern.

And now? Are you prepared for the burnt cement?