Eternalizing our children’s “arts”

What to do with so many drawings and letters containing declarations of love and affection that we receive from our children?

Well, over the years, we are accumulating handmade gifts from our children, godchildren, nieces and nephews …

It is a playful period, full of life and expressions of love, to which children use their creativity to please us, to show love and affection to us.

My husband and I have many memories of my daughters, pieces of paper loaded with love and emotion.

For a period of our lives, we receive so many drawings, prints, paintings and letters, that we even think, or sometimes get rid of them.; but over the years and with the growth of our children, these gifts received become too important to be thrown away.

More than that, over the years, we get older and realize that the real value of a gift is exactly in these, which we receive for free, at no cost.

And time is passing fast, isn’t it?

Life seems more like a short story;

So, why don’t we eternalize this tale?

Why don’t we show everyone how much love we have received?

Our house is the physical space where we live, but what we seek throughout life is a home to live in …

A home is composed of emotion, feelings, memories, warmth, longing, essences, affection, affection and love.

What makes our house our home is to make our memories, feelings, and emotions visually present, to stay alive and active in our mind, and for everyone who lives there and share life with us.

There are ways to eternalize our memories and also ways to keep them within sight, after all, what is seen is always remembered !!

Here are two tips for your home:

The first tip is:

Make a panel, like those of photos, but using these drawings and letters received throughout the years.

You can use that highlighted wall in your home, or even, a circulation hall, the bedside table of the bedroom, the entrance hall; and, even merge, combine these loving gifts, to a wall that already contains photos or paintings.

The second tip is:

Who has not had the experience of having a work of “art”, literally done on your wall ??

Ahh yes, moms and dads will understand me !!

We must teach our children that there is not an appropriate place for such an activity, but we can also leave the playful side alive, we can teach them without pruning them.

One way is to buy frames and somehow go framing the “art” on the wall, thus leaving the artist alive inside them, and the memory too !!

In times of covid-19, we have learned the real value of “people”, living today is more important than tomorrow!

Do not waste your precious time, keep the memories alive, they are the ones that bring the real value of life!

So, use your creativity! Make it happen, enjoy these artists full of love that we have in our homes !!